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Activity Course
    Distance Hours
01 ALeaving from Abashiri City    
  *You'll drive on a road that takes you along Lake Abashiri, Lake Notoro, and the Sea of Okhotsk. Approx. 39km Approx. 45 minutes
02 BWakka Wild Flower Park
Take in the largest seaside prairie in Japan on a bike.
  Approx. 60 minutes
  *You'll pass the symbol of Tokoro, "Advics Tokoro Curling Hall" on the way. Approx. 9km Approx. 15 minutes
03 CRestaurant Blè
The menu, which uses fresh ingredients from Okhotsk, is popular with locals.
  Approx. 60 minutes
  *On the way you'll drive by Notoro Lakeside and Abashiri Lakeside. Approx. 31km Approx. 40 minutes
04 DAbashiri Sightseeing Fruit Farm
Pick seasonal fruits like blueberries, cherries, and plums.
  Approx. 60 minutes
    Approx. 10km Approx. 10 minutes
05 EHot springs around Lake Abashiri
Refresh your tired body in the hot springs.
  Approx. 90 minutes
    Approx. 10km Approx. 15 minutes
06 FIn Abashiri city    
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The points of this model course
Take your time in the morning and leave Abashiri at 10 to head to Wakka Wild Flower Park. Get on a bike and take a refreshing ride around the park. After having lunch at a popular local restaurant, head to Abashiri Sightseeing Fruit Farm to enjoy the taste of some seasonal fruits. At the end you'll disperse the exhaustion from your travels in the hot springs. This course is active, but you'll be able to enjoy some relaxation as well.

Leaving from Abashiri City

Wakka Wild Flower Park

Restaurant Blè

Abashiri Sightseeing Fruit Farm

Hot springs around Lake Abashiri

In Abashiri city

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