Okhotsk Area.  Driving Travel GuideThe Grandeur of Nature Pleasure Course

Okhostk's coasts course
    Distance Hours
01 ALeaving from Abashiri City    
    Approx. 7km Approx. 10 minutes
02 BAbashiri Natural Farm Tourism Center
Take in the forests, lakes, and ocean of Okhotsk on horseback.
  Approx. 20~120 minutes
  *You can also enjoy the scenery of the Sea of Okhostk's coasts, Wild Flower Park, and Lake Tofutsu. Approx. 12km Approx. 15 minutes
03 CMichi-no-Eki (Roadside Station) Hanayaka Koshimizu
The sweets that use local specialties, such as potatoes and strawberries, are especially popular.
  Approx. 20 minutes
  *Shiretoko cross road is a popular driving course that passes through the fall foliage. Approx. 71km Approx. 80 minutes
04 DShiretoko Pass
A spot where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the fall foliage. Take in the overwhelming magesty of Mount Rausu from the viewing platform.
  Approx. 15 minutes
    Approx. 12km Approx. 20 minutes
05 ECape Puyuni
A popular scenic viewing spot of the sunset.
  Approx. 20 minutes
    Approx. 5km Approx. 10 minutes
06 FUtoro Onsen (Hot Springs)    
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The points of this model course
A driving course that will let you take in the majesty of Okhostk's nature even when you're in motion. The horseback riding experience differs in length depending on the course, so select the one that matches your schedule and experience. Grab a light meal in beautiful Koshimizu to hold you over on the long drive to Shiretoko. The popular sweet potatoes are only sold on Saturday and Sunday based on availability. The road to Shiretoko Pass is closed at night starting in late October and is completely closed starting in November, so the only time you can use it is in the fall foliage season!

Leaving from Abashiri City

Abashiri Natural Farm Tourism Center

Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Station) Hanayaka Koshimizu

Shiretoko Pass

Cape Puyuni

Utoro Onsen (Hot Springs)

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Okhotsk Area.  Driving Travel Guide[The Grandeur of Nature Pleasure Course]Other model courses

  • Recommended seasonsAutumn
  • DurationApprox. 3 hours and 30 minutes〜5 hours and 10 minutes
  • Travel distanceApprox. 107km
Around Lake Abashiri Course
    Distance Hours
01 ALeaving from Memanbetsu Airport    
    Approx. 8Km Approx. 20 minutes
02 BMemambetsu lakeside white skunk cabbage colony
Designated as a natural treasure, and its famous white skunk cabbage colony is the largest in Japan.
  Approx. 20 minutes
    Approx. 6Km Approx. 15 minutes
03 CRisu no Mori
This classic gelato using 100% Abashiri milk has won awards at international competitions.
  Approx. 20 minutes
    Approx. 5Km Approx. 5 minutes
04 DAbashiri Lakeside
Leisurely canoe and bird watching experience at Lake Abashiri.
  Approx. 90 minutes
    Approx. 6Km Approx. 10 minutes
05 EIn Abashiri city    
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