Okhotsk Area.  Driving Travel GuideFlower Field Pleasure Course

Around Abashiri / Fall Flower Course
    Distance Hours
01 ALeaving from Abashiri City    
    Approx. 6km Approx. 15 minutes
02 BOmagari Lakeside Park
A photo spot where you can take pictures of the ground covered in sunflowers and cosmos.
  Approx. 30 minutes
    Approx. 10km Approx. 15 minutes
03 CLake Notoro Glasswort Patch
The view of the lake dyed red is fantastical. Take your pictures early morning, before too many people arrive.
*The lake will appear different depending on the tides, so we recommend avoiding high and low tides
  Approx. 30 minutes
    Approx. 14km Approx. 15 minutes
04 DCafé&restaurant 360
Enjoy a lunch made with ingredients from Abashiri and Hokkaido while you take in Abashiri's beautiful scenery.
  Approx. 60 minutes
    Approx. 2km Approx. 10 minutes
05 EHana Tento: Flower Gardens
In the peak season, colorful flower such as salvia and marigold are in full bloom over the 3.5 ha area of slopes.
  Approx. 30 minutes
    Approx. 9km Approx. 15 minutes
06 FKando-no-Michi (impressive road)
You can overlook the Shiretoko mountains, a World Heritage Site, from the view point.
  Approx. 10 minutes
    Approx. 11km Approx. 20 minutes
07 GMeruhen-no-Oka Hill
The colors of the hills change with the seasons. Enjoy the gold colors of the wheat in the fall.
  Approx. 10 minutes
    Approx. 16km Approx. 30 minutes
08 HIn Abashiri city    
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The points of this model course
A sightseeing course that takes you around the fall flowers and popular photo spots around Abashiri. There are chairs and paths in the wide fields of Omagari Lakeside Park, making it a perfect spot to take pictures of the flowers. There are numerous locations where the glasswort (Sango-so) dyes the lake red, but we especially recommend the Ubaranai area. The flowers that bloom over the large 3.5 ha area of "Hana Tento" are planted and managed by Abashiri residents and volunteers.

Leaving from Abashiri City

Omagari Lakeside Park

Lake Notoro Glasswort Patch

Café&restaurant 360

Hana Tento: Flower Gardens

Kando-no-Michi (impressive road)

Meruhen-no-Oka Hill

In Abashiri city

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Okhotsk Area.  Driving Travel Guide[Flower Field Pleasure Course]Other model courses

  • Recommended seasonsSpring
  • DurationApprox. 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • Travel distanceApprox. 80km
Around Memambetsu / Spring Flower Course
    Distance Hours
01 ALeaving from Memanbetsu Airport    
    Approx. 7km Approx. 15 minutes
02 BMeruhen-no-Oka Hill
A photo spot with beautiful view of the hilly countryside.
  Approx. 20 minutes
    Approx. 2km Approx. 15 minutes
03 CMemambetsu lakeside white skunk cabbage colony
Designated as a natural treasure, and its famous white skunk cabbage colony is the largest in Japan.
  Approx. 20 minutes
    Approx. 25km Approx. 40 minutes
04 DHigashimokoto Shibazakura Park
The Moss Phlox (Shibazakura) that cover the slopes are gorgeous. We recommend you try the original shibazakura soft serve.
  Approx. 60 minutes
    Approx. 31km Approx. 40 minutes
05 EIn Abashiri city    
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