Okhotsk Area.  Driving Travel GuideKawayu Onsen (Hot Springs) Staying Course

Kussharo Lakeside Halfway Course
    Distance Hours
01 ALeaving from Memanbetsu Airport    
    Approx. 3Km Approx. 10 minutes
02 BSunflower fields around Memanbetsu Airport
At this photo spot you can snap pictures of sunflowers behind the airplanes
  Approx. 30 minutes
    Approx. 9Km Approx. 15 minutes
A popular local restaurant for hamburgers and pancakes. Takeout is also available.
  Approx. 60 minutes
    Approx. 27Km Approx. 30 minutes
04 DBihoro Pass Scenic Viewpoint
You can overlook Lake Kussharo, which stretches out below you. The contrast between the lake and the fall foliage is beautiful.
  Approx. 30 minutes
  *You'll pass by the representative trees of northern Hokkaido, the white birch trees, as you travel along National Highway 243. Approx. 26Km Approx. 30 minutes
05 EKussharo Lakeside Footbaths
Sink your feet into the footbaths and relax as you look out at the scenery of Kussharo lakeside.
  Approx. 15 minutes
    Approx. 8Km Approx. 10 minutes
06 FKawayu Onsen (Hot Springs)    
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The points of this model course
The entire course takes about 4 and a half hours, meaning that you can take the excursion even if your flight arrives at Memanbetsu Airport in the afternoon. The fall foliage around Japan's largest caldera lake, Lake Kussharo is very popular, and on clear days you can take in the scenery of the leaves reflected on the blue lake surface. Stop by Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Station) "Gurutto Panorama Bihorotoge" and try out Ageimo (Deep-Fried potato) and Bamboo grass soft serve while you look out at the scenery.

Leaving from Memanbetsu Airport

Sunflower fields around Memanbetsu Airport

Bihoro Pass Scenic Viewpoint

Kussharo Lakeside Footbaths

Kawayu Onsen (Hot Springs)

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Okhotsk Area.  Driving Travel Guide[Kawayu Onsen (Hot Springs) Staying Course]Other model courses

  • Recommended seasonsSummer
  • DurationApprox. 4 hours and 35 minutes
  • Travel distanceApprox. 112km
Unexplored Stop Over Course
    Distance Hours
01 ALeaving from Memanbetsu Airport    
    Approx. 17Km Approx. 25 minutes
02 BHigashimokoto Nyuuraku-kan Dairy Products Center
Alongside the cheese products, the camembert cheese soft serve, which is thought to have beautifying effects, is a must-try.
  Approx. 20 minutes
    Approx. 20Km Approx. 35 minutes
03 CHighland Koshimizu 725 (Scenic Viewpoint)
Leisurely take in nature from the rest house located at an altitude of 725 m.
  Approx. 20 minutes
    Approx. 42Km Approx. 85 minutes
04 DKaminokoike Pond
This fantastical clear blue pond is a secret location that can only be reached by car!
  Approx. 30 minutes
    Approx. 33Km Approx. 60 minutes
05 EKawayu Onsen (Hot Springs)    
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