Higashi Hokkaido Food Trail

No. 3 Garden & Rural TrailTokachi - FuranoA trip at your own pace through scattered gourmet restaurants, cafes, and sweets

This Route's Delicious Details, according to food writer Yuki Konishi

This Route's Delicious Details, according to food writer Yuki Konishi

The Tokachi area, laying at the foot of the magnificent Hidaka Mountain Range, is a rich region blessed with beautiful nature, weather, and food culture. With vast, large-scale fields keeping you strikingly aware of the far away horizon, and the popularity of dairy farms and animal breeding farms, the Tokachi brand has become a strong marker of quality for dairy and other products. On this trail, we recommend trying cuisine that brings out the best of these local ingredients, whether they be vegetables, meat, or dairy products. Feel free to try the pork bowl, a popular comfort food made from pork flavored with soy sauce. You can also head to Shimukappu, a village bordering the Tokachi area and home to mountainside resorts, and try the edible wild plants.

Garden & Rural TrailTokachi - Furano

No. 3 Garden & Rural Trail

  1. Where you live -> (Obihiro Airport/New Chitose Airport) -> Obihiro (lodgings)
  2. Various sightseeing in the Tokachi region, Obihiro (lodgings)
  3. Obihiro -> Furano (lodgings)
  4. Furano -> (Asahikawa Airport/New Chitose Airport) -> where you live

Tourist Attractions around Garden & Rural Trail

This area deserves to be called “treasure house of food” where livestock and fishing industry in southern part are vibrant. It shows different atmospheres every time you visit due to the great changes in temperature throughout the year. One of the features of this area is that you can plan plenty of themed tours at the unique gardens, the railroad heritage from the old Japanese National Railways period, and factories.

Tourist Attractions around Garden & Rural Trail

Cuisines and Food around Garden & Rural Trail

It is not too much to say that it’s got all the fine gourmet such as potatoes, wheat, sugar beet, beans, branded beef, and seafood. They produce a variety of processed products such as sweets and cheese especially the popular sweets brands “Rokkatei” and “Ryugetsu.” Don’t forget to try other local food “butadon (pork rice bowl)” and bread just from the oven.

Cuisines and Food around Garden & Rural Trail

Popular restaurants with local delicacies you'll want to try!

Farm restaurant Viz [Makubetsu]FOODTRAIL 01

Farm restaurant Viz [Makubetsu]

Located in food and farming themed park Tokachi Hills, this restaurant offers a beautiful view of the Tokachi Plains. Enjoy a fusion of Tokachi's plentiful ingredients and Hungarian cooking, thanks to the restaurant's Hungary-born chef. Meals are made with herbs and vegetables picked from the restaurant's own garden. Especially popular is the Mangalica pork. Designated as a Hungarian national treasure, the Mangalica pigs used at this restaurant are raised in Japan.

Business hours 11:00~15:00 18:00~21:00
Lunch: Closed Mondays; Dinner: Closed Sun-Tues
Location 13-5, Nisshin, Makubetsu-cho, Nakagawa-gunGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0155-56-1111

02Kakkou Ryouriten [Sarabetsu]

Kakkou Ryouriten [Sarabetsu]

This small restaurant sits in the middle of the woods, encircled by fields. Their menu, which changes slightly each day, makes frequent use of Tokachi produced vegetables and beans. At its core, the food here is Japanese style, carefully cooked to bring out the best flavor from each ingredient. Each bite will have you feeling more and more refreshed. There are a limited number of seats, so make sure to make a reservation beforehand.

Business hours 11:00~15:00
Closed Sundays, holidays, and irregular closed days
Location 317-8, Seo, Sarabetsu-mura, Kasai-gunGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0155ー52-5180

03Kita no Yatai [Obihiro]

Kita no Yatai [Obihiro]

Kita no Yatai is comprised of 20 interconnected shops, with each individual shop only sitting 7-8 people. The real appeal here is the incredible variety of foods and styles, whether you're looking for bar food, French, Chinese, Korean, or something else entirely. These shops are bustling every day, proudly serving unique dishes made from Tokachi vegetable, meat, and seafood.

Business hours 17:00~24:00
Varies by shop
Location 7, 10 Chome Nishi 1 Jominami, Obihiro-shiGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0155-23-8194(Kitano Business Plaza Association)

Must-eats on this route: Bread and sweets

Must-eats on this route: Bread and sweets

Wheat, sugar beets, milk turned into raw cream, eggs, red beans to be turned into red bean paste, and more. Places along this trail produce a wide variety of ingredients used in baking bread, as well as Japanese and Western sweets. Because of these, there are a large number of shops that actively try to use local ingredients, or make charming products using Tokachi's scenery as a motif. These products also make for great souvenirs.

01Rokkatei Rokka no Mori [Nakasatsunai]

Rokkatei Rokka no Mori [Nakasatsunai]

A park managed by Tokachi confectionary Rokkatei, which acts as a representative of Hokkaido's sweets. In addition to art galleries dotting the grounds, the park also contains rest houses and shops where you can buy Rokkatei's sweets.

Business hours 11:00~17:00 From 9/25-10:15: open until 4:00pm.
* Closed during winter
Location 249-6, Nishi 3 Sen, Tokiwa, Nakasatsunai-mura, Kasai-gunGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0155-63-1000

02Masuya Bread Mugioto [Obihiro]

Masuya Bread Mugioto [Obihiro]

At this bakery, all bread is baked using Tokachi-produced grain. All the varieties of bread lined up by the register - red bean paste, cream, bean, seasonal fruits and vegetables - were made using local Tokachi or Hokkaido-produced ingredients wherever possible.

Business hours 6:55~20:00
* Closed only around New Year's holiday
Location Minami 8 sen Nishi 16-43, Inada-cho, Obihiro-shiGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0155-67-4659

Must-eats on this route: Farm restaurants

Must-eats on this route: Farm restaurants

The fun of this trail is visiting the number of shops directly managed by the food producers and farmers; as you visit their restaurants and cafes, you'll also be able to make contact with the farmers themselves. Furthermore, you could have the unusual experience of receiving a unique local tour from a professional field guide. Learn more firsthand about Tokachi's farms and fields.

01Daisogen no Chiisana Ie [Shikaoi]

Daisogen no Chiisana Ie [Shikaoi]

Their "country cooking buffet" is highly popular. This shop is well-regarded for its dedication to using local Tokachi and Hokkaido ingredients, as well as for the chef's skillfully cooked Western-style menu.

Business hours 11:00〜14:30
* Closed Thursdays
Location 11-3, 7 sen, Sasagawakita, Shikaoi-cho, Kato-gunGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0156-66-2200

02Itadakimasu Company [Otofuke + others]

Itadakimasu Company [Otofuke + others]

On this popular tour, you'll listen to your field guide as you picnic in the vast fields. Furthermore, you can enjoy a nice lunch of ajillos and fondue, made using Tokachi flour-made bread and vegetables.

Business hours Varies by program Operates from mid-May to late October
Location -
Phone number 0155-29-4821

Popular stores you'll want to visit

01Wine-jo no Restaurant [Ikeda]

Wine-jo no Restaurant [Ikeda]

This restaurant is on the 4th floor of the Wine Castle, a symbol of the "wine city" Ikeda. You can enjoy the Tokachi beef, ingredients, and wine together with a beautiful view.

Business hours 11:00~17:00(L.O16:30)
Irregular closed days
Location 83-3, Kiyomi, Ikeda-cho, Nakagawa-gunGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 015-572-3033

02Kyodo Gakusha Shintoku Farm Mintal [Shintoku]

Kyodo Gakusha Shintoku Farm Mintal [Shintoku]

A cafe directly managed by Kyodo Gakusha, makers of authentic cheese so good it would net the gold medal in even a European contest. Enjoy the flavor of thick raclettes or pizza cheese.

Business hours Summer - 10:00am-5:00pm, closed Tuesdays; Winter - 11:00am-2:00pm, closed Thursdays and Sundays
Location 9-1, Shintoku, Shintoku-cho, Kamikawa-gunGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0156-69-5600

03Cranberry main shop [Obihiro]

Cranberry main shop [Obihiro]

A pastry shop with 5 locations within Obihiro city. Their most famous product, large sweet potatoes, are sold by weight. In addition, their classic "shanruru" cookie, available since the shop's founding, is a local Obihiro favorite.

Business hours 9:00~20:00
Location 6 Chome Nishi 2 Jominami, Obihiro-shiGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0155-22-6656

04Grill Seizen Farm [Minami Furano]

Grill Seizen Farm [Minami Furano]

At this shop, get a taste for Naples pizza baked in a stone oven. Ingredients include vegetables purchased from the in-town Blue Mountain Farm and other Hokkaido produce. Enjoy a taste that's refreshing, reassuring, and authentic.

Business hours 11:00~15:00
Closed Mondays *Winter: please confirm beforehand if they are open
Location Ikutora, Minamifurano-shi, Sorachi-gunGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0167-52-3339