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Kushiro Airport

Tancho Kushiro Airport is located about 20 km west of the center of Kushiro City. Regular service is currently available from Tokyo (Haneda) and Sapporo (New Chitose and Okadama) (ANA/AIRDO/JAL), with 1 round trip per day from Kansai Airport (Peach).

Access to sightseeing spots from Kushiro Airport Bus・JR・Car

Kushiro Airport

access from kushiro airportAccess to sightseeing spots from Kushiro Airport

  • Kushiro Airport - Kushiro Station/The urban area of Kushiro City

    Kushiro Airport - Kushiro Station/The urban area of Kushiro City

    JR train is operated from Kushiro Station bound for Sapporo (New Chitose Airport/Tomamu/Shintoku). There is also a regular bus service, the Kushiro Station Bus Terminal via the airport (For Akan), and buses depart from and arrive at various places including Nemuro and Rausu.

    • BusBus

      Buses bound for Kushiro Station/the urban area of Kushiro City are operated in accordance with flights. About 45 minutes.

    • CarCar

      About 20 km, 30 minutes

  • Kushiro Airport - Akanko Onsen

    Kushiro Airport - Akanko Onsen

    Lake Akan, where the natural monument "MARIMO" silently resides, is lined with many hot spring inns and hotels. In summer, sightseeing boats and canoes are popular and pond smelt fishing on frozen lakes are also popular in winter. Also, "KAMUY LUMINA" (open form spring to autumn), which opened last year, is attracting attention.

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    • BusBus

      Approximately 75 minutes from Kushiro Station Bus Terminal (Bus Company: Akan Bus). There are 5 bus services a day.

    • CarCar

      About 60 km, 70 minutes

  • Kushiro Station - Hosooka Observatory

    Kushiro Station - Hosooka Observatory

    Hosooka Observatory offers a view of Japan's largest wetland "Kushiro Marsh", and is especially popular for its beautiful sunset because it is located on the east side.

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    • BusBus

      From Kushiro Station, take the JR Senmo Main Line to Kushiroshitsugen Station (18 minutes). About a 15 minute walk from Kushiroshitsugen Station.

    • CarCar

      About 25 km, 40 minutes

  • Kushiro Station - Lake Mashu

    Kushiro Station - Lake Mashu

    Because it is the second most transparent lake in the world, it looks like a deep blue on the surface of the lake on a clear day,it is said that Mashu Blue.

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  • Kushiro Station - Akkeshi

    Kushiro Station - Akkeshi

    There are more than 40 kinds of seafood from Akkeshi that is caught throughout the four seasons. The oysters that you can eat all year round are one of the representative. Michinoeki 'Akkeshi Taste Terminal Conchiglie' is a popular facility.

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  • Kushiro Airport - Crane Center

    Kushiro Airport - Crane Center

    It is the only facility in Japan for the purpose of research,
    information transmission and protection of Japanese cranes.

    About 20 km, 25 minutes
  • Kushiro Airport - Tsurui Village

    Kushiro Airport - Tsurui Village

    There are many facilities, such as amusement park, campsite, cafe
    and restaurant which family can enjoy.

    About 35 km, 40 minutes
  • Kushiro Airport - Kushiro Zoo

    Kushiro Airport - Kushiro Zoo

    It is the largest zoo in Hokkaido
    and the easternmost zoo in Japan as well.

    About 10 km, 15 minutes
  • Kushiro Airport - Kushiro Marsh Observatory

    Kushiro Airport
    - Kushiro Marsh Observatory

    From the observatory consisting of the first floor to the third floor, there aren see shops and restaurants and you can look at exhibitions, and on the rooftop you can see panoramic views of the mountains of Akan.

    About 16 km, 25 minutes