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7daysEastern Hokkaido in summer Enjoy the great outdoors, from the Garden Road to the Shiretoko World Natural Heritage site and four national parks

Asahikawa Airport〜Furano, Obihiro, Lake Akan, Shiretoko, Kawayu Onsen, Abashiri, Sounkyo
  • Kaze-no Garden Ningle Terrace, FarmTomita, Tokachi Millennium Forest, Kita no Yatai, Manabe Garden, Shichiku Garden, Lake Akan Ainu Theater Ikor, Lake Onneto, Sogakudai, Lake Mashu, Mt. Io, Oshinkoshin WaterFall, Shiretoko Pass, Stroll along the Shiretoko Five Lakes boardwalk, Mt. Tento, Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park, Abashiri Prison Museum, Sounkyo Mt. Daisetsu Photo Museum, Mt. Kurodake Ropeway, Sounkyo
Route Map
1DAYAsahikawa Airport → Tokachigawa Onsen

Asahikawa Airport → Furano



Kaze-no Garden Ningle Terrace

Within the grounds of New Furano Prince Hotel is Ningle Terrace, a shopping area surrounded by the forest, where pretty shops can be found in the log houses built there. Throughout each season, more than 300 varieties of flowers bloom in Kaze-no Garden, a small but splendid garden surrounded by verdant tress that's a great place to take a stroll.



■Address/Nakagoryo, Furano-shi  ■TEL/+81-167-22-1111



Farm Tomita
Known as the home of lavender, Farm Tomita boasts some of the largest lavender fields in Japan. Four different varieties are cultivated, each with different characteristics and peak viewing periods. As well as the lavender that blooms in summer, other flowers such as poppies and cosmos bloom from summer through autumn.


■Address/15, Kisenkita, Nakafurano-cho Sorachi-gun ■TEL/+81-167-39-3939 ■http://www.farm-tomita.co.jp/en/



Furano → Obihiro


Tokachi Millennium Forest
A millennium -- to you or me, this may seem like an eternity. Our modern society prizes speed, but perhaps we have become fixated on only what we can see occurring before our eyes? Forests are different. In a forest, time flows in units called millennia. Humans have achieved convenience and comfort, but at the cost of global-scale environmental problems. How does a forest perceive our world? This forest looks to our future. Forests, gardens, agriculture, art, food. Let us interact with nature from a variety of angles, and together think about our future. And that is the goal of Tokachi Millennium Forest.


■Address/Minami10sen, Haobi, Shimizu-cho Kamikawa-gun ■TEL/+81-156-63-3000 ■http://www.tmf.jp/language/eng/



Kita no Yatai
A row of semi-alfresco food stalls located downtown, just a 5-min. walk from Obihiro Station. The street was created by a group of people who wanted to rejuvenate Obihiro, and is made up of approx. 20 unique stalls that serve a variety of cuisines, including yakitori, Japanese, Italian and Korean dishes, made by the individual owners from ingredients produced in Tokachi.
■Address/10-8, Nishi1-jominami, Obihiro-shi ■TEL/+81-155-23-8194



Day 1 Lodging(Tokachigawa Onsen)



2DAYObihiro → Akanko Onsen


Manabe Garden
This "fairy-tale land" of a garden is known for a number of remarkable "first in Japan" and "best in Japan" features. The conifer garden here is Japan's first -- and largest. Composed of Japanese garden, western-style garden, and landscape garden components, Manabe Garden is home to giant trees with ages over a millennium. This botanical display garden handles all aspects in-house, including tree cultivation, import, sales, landscaping, and management. Take a break at the on-site cafe terrace and become one with this magical world of trees. You might even spot visitors such as small birds or Hokkaido squirrels.


■Address/2-6, Inadacho Higashi, Obihiro-shi ■TEL/+81-155-48-2120



Shichiku Garden
This 59,504-m2 garden has been nurtured for over 20 years by its owner, Akiyo Shichiku, who set about developing it after turning 60.


■Address/Nisi4sen107, Bieicho, Obihiro-shi ■TEL/+81-155-60-2377



Tokachi sweets tour
Hokkaido is known for its sweets and Obihiro is particularly famous for its delicious confectionery. That is because the flour, milk, sugar, eggs, beans and other high-quality ingredients used to make the sweets are all produced in Tokachi.






Obihiro →Lake Akan

Lake Akan Ainu Theater Ikor
Featuring indoor performances of the Iomante Fire Festival and puppet theater, as well as traditional Ainu dance, which is a designated important intangible folk cultural property of Japan and UNESCO world intangible cultural heritage.


■Address/4-7-19, Akancho Akankonsen, Kushiro-shi, ■TEL/+81-154-67-2727


Day 2 Lodging(Akanko Onsen)



To Do
3DAYAkanko Onsen → Utoro Onsen

Lake Akan

Akan lakeside walk/Tour of Ainu Kotan
Featuring indoor performances of the Iomante Fire Festival and puppet theater, as well as traditional Ainu dance, which is a designated important intangible folk cultural property of Japan and UNESCO world intangible cultural heritage.


Address/4-7-19, Akancho Akankonsen, Kushiro-shi, ■TEL/+81-154-67-2727




Lake Onneto
It is a lake at the western foot of Mt. Meakan which is about a 1 hour drive from the urban center of Ashoro and about 20 minutes from lake Akan.


■Address/Moashoro, Ashoro-cho Ashoro-gun ■TEL/+81-156-25-2141 ■http://www.town.ashoro.hokkaido.jp.e.wu.hp.transer.com/kanko/onneto.html




Akan National Park's symbolic peaks, Mt. O'Akan-dake and Mt. Me'Akan-dake. These two mountains can be viewed side by side from the Sogakudai viewpoint. The view of Mt. O'Akan-dake with its gentle slopes, along with Mt. Me'Akan-dake and its volcanic smoke, is a sight to behold.


Address/Sogakudai, Lake Akan lakeside, Akan-cho, Kushiro-shi ■TEL/+81-154-67-2505



Lake Akan → Teshikaga

Lake Mashu
Boasting a degree of transparency ranking next to lake Baikal in Russia. On a clear day, the lovely surface of lake Mashu is a deep blue color which is called Mashu blue.


■Address/Teshikagagenya, Teshikaga-cho Kawakami-gun



Mt. Io
Atosa Nupuri means bare mountain in the Ainu language and refers to Mt. Io. Even at present this volcano has active eruptions and is located about 3 kilometers from Kawayu hot spring district.


■Address/Atosanupurigenya, Teshikaga-cho Kawakami-gun ■TEL/+81-15-482-2200



Kawayu Onsen →Shiretoko


Oshinkoshin WaterFall
It is located along the national highway as one heads from the center of Shari town towards the outskirts of Utoro hot spring. It is possible to see the sheet of spray surfacing from bare rock and the powerful waterfall falling down at a short distance.


Address/Utoronishi, Shari-cho Shari-gun ■TEL/+81-152-22-2125


Day 3 Lodging(Utoro Onsen)




4DAYUtoro Onsen


Shiretoko Pass

The summit of this trans-Shiretoko road, which links Utoro in the town of Shari with Rausu, passes over the ridges of the Shiretoko Mountain Range at an altitude of 738 m. It is a popular driving course amid the natural surroundings and, if the weather is fine, the road offers views of the Northern Territories' Kunashiri Island in the distance.





Whale-watching Cruise

There are very few places in Japan that can boast more sperm whale sightings than here. It is a location where the whales migrate so close to the coast, they can be observed from the land with the naked eye or with binoculars. Enjoy the thrill of a whale spraying water right before your eyes.  




Bear-watch Cruise

Shiretoko is a region with a high population density of brown bears. Many untouched places can only be accessed by boat, and the cruises are popular due to the high probability of bear sightings while enjoying a cruise in comfort.






Nighttime safari

Enjoy a nighttime safari amid Shiretoko's abundant nature. See the deer on the grasslands, the hunting foxes, the star-filled sky and the silhouette of the Shiretoko Mountain Range against the moonlit sky. Learn more about the animals thanks to the guide's knowledge, and see different animal behavior to that of the daytime.

■Application/Sharibus ■TEL/+81-152-24-2054


Day 4 Lodging(Utoro Onsen)



5DAYUtoro Onsen → Lake Abashiri


Stroll along the Shiretoko Five Lakes boardwalk

A World Heritage site, Shiretoko is filled with extremely mystic places. One of those places is the Shiretoko Five Lakes. Why not take a stroll along the relatively flat 3-km boardwalk course around the lakes?





Utoro →Abashiri

Mt. Tento

At a height of 207 m, Mt. Tento's name is derived from the Japanese meaning "as comfortable as heaven." In 1938 it was nationally designated a "place of scenic beauty." The observatory at the summit commands panoramic views of Lake Abashiri, Lake Notoro, the Sea of Okhotsk, the Shiretoko Mountain Range and the mountains of Akan. Enjoy dynamic 360-degree landscapes in each season.


■Address/244-3, Tentozan, Abashiri-shi ■TEL/+81-152-43-5951(Mt.Tento Observatory / Okhotsk Ryuhyo Museum)


Day 5 Lodging(Lake Abashiri Onsen)


6DAYAbashiri → Sounkyo


Okhotsk Ryuhyo Museum

Have you ever touched an ice floe? Or tried spinning a damp towel in subzero temperatures? At the Ryu-hyo (Drift Ice) Museum, visitors can try these and other arctic experiences, even in the middle of summer. The facility is located at the peak of Mt. Tento, about 10 minutes drive from JR Abashiri Station. The Hands-On Drift Ice Terrace is kept at -15 degrees Celsius, and contains actual drift ice. Visitors can touch the drift ice firsthand, or try spinning a damp towel until it freezes solid. You can also meet creatures from the Okhotsk Sea, such as the clione sea angel. The observation terrace provides a breathtaking panorama.


Address244-3, Tentozan, Abashiri-shi ■TEL/+81-152-43-5951



Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park (Only in May )

Vast hillsides filled with vibrant pink shibazakura (moss phlox) blossoms create a truly breathtaking sight. Visitors will doubtlessly be surprised to learn that most of the moss phlox was planted by a single person -- by hand. These hills tell the story of one man's love for flowers. The park began with a single bushel of moss phlox planted in a garden immediately after the end of the war. The owner diligently spread the flowers into a veritable moss phlox park behind his house. This remarkable story and beautiful sight would propel a tiny town to nationwide fame.


■Address/393, Higashimokoto Suehiro, Ozora-cho Abashiri-gun ■TEL/+81-152-66-3111



Abashiri Prison Museum

Japan's only prison museum. Set over an expansive ground, this facility preserves and displays the prison complex buildings of Abashiri Prison, which was in service since the Meiji Period. Perhaps most impressive is the five-winged radial prison house of five buildings fanned out from a central watch tower. A registered tangible cultural heritage of Japan, this structure is also the oldest wooden prison building in the world. These historical buildings are populated by mannequin inmates so realistic you can almost hear them breathe. Step inside the Abashiri Prison Museum and take a trip back in time. The cafeteria even serves meals based on the actual recipes served to prisoners.



Address/1-1, Yobito, Abashiri-shi ■TEL/+81-152-45-2411 ■http://www.kangoku.jp/world/



Abashiri →Sounkyo Onsen


Sounkyo Mt. Daisetsu Photo Museum

The museum, which utilizes a disused elementary school building, boasts a permanent display of the work of Koetsu Ichine, a leading Daisetsu mountain photographer.

■Address/Sounkyo, Kamikawa-cho Kamikawa-gun ■TEL/+81-1658-5-3415


Day 6 Lodging(Sounkyo Onsen)


7DAYSounkyo Onsen → Asahikawa Airport


Mt. Kurodake Ropeway

Located in Daisetsuzan National Park, Mt. Kurodake offers breathtaking mountainside skiing. Enjoy the silvery snow-capped scenery as you ride the Ropeway to the mountain's halfway point. Then change to the chair lift and ascend to the seven-tenths point where you will start your run. Typically opening in November, Kurodake is said to offer Japan's earliest natural snow skiing. If you can't wait for winter, head to Kurodake. This is also an excellent spring skiing mountain. With lifts open until Golden Week, you can visit Japan in spring and still enjoy winter snow -- two seasons with one trip!



■Address/Sounkyo, Kamikawa-cho Kamikawa-gun ■TEL/+81-1658-5-3031




A gorge located in Daisetsuzan National Park, originally known as Souunbetsu (river with many waterfalls) in the Ainu language.


■Address/Sounkyo, Kamikawa-cho Kamikawa-gun



Asahiyama Zoo

"Welcome!" Step inside this marvelous zoo and enter an amazing world of animals. Penguins soar through the water as if flying, and polar bears dive with a mighty splash! Orangutans display masterful balance and grace on ropes and nets. Wolves howl in the distance. Now nationally famous, Asahiyama Zoo has revolutionized the zoo experience throughout Japan by installing displays to maximize the natural ecology and behavior of each animal. The lively animals create vivid new scenes every day. How about a visit to this very special world?



■Address/Higashiasahikawacho Kuranuma, Asahikawa-shi ■TEL/+81-166-36-1104 ■http://www5.city.asahikawa.hokkaido.jp/asahiyamazoo/zoo/top&index/pamphlet/english/top-english.html



Asahikawa Airport



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