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The danger of speeding

There are a lot of long and straight roads in Hokkaido. The "Road to Heaven" in Shari and the "Milk Road" in Nakashibetsu are both blissfully straight. There is very little traffic except for in the popular tourist spots and urban areas. What can happen when you drive such a road? Yes, unintentionally your speed can increase. Driving too fast means you won’t have the reaction time necessary to avoid incidents if road conditions change. As you would have though, safe driving requires that you maintain an appropriate speed. When in eastern Hokkaido, travel safely by sometimes checking your speedometer as your speed can climb more than you would have imagined.


The Danger of black ice on the road

Certainly a car would be convenient if you plan to travel in eastern Hokkaido. At any rate the roads are wide. I would like to be able to say that the public transport isn't convenient. However, I wouldn’t recommend driving in winter. Even on a sunny day, out of the blue a snow storm can suddenly appear resulting in a whiteout. Even if you are accustomed to driving in snowy conditions, it can be dangerous and terrifying. Nevertheless when driving, drive slowly and in any case be careful of any changes in the weather conditions. Be careful of black ice on the road. At a glance, it can be difficult to tell that the road is frozen. One should be especially careful in late autumn before the snow starts to accumulate. In particular on mountain passes where temperatures drop in the evenings and the roads can freeze. The trick of safe driving is being well attuned to the road conditions.


The danger of dashing out onto the road

One point where a driver should be careful is with the danger of somebody or something dashing out in front of them. In eastern Hokkaido, one has to be careful of wild animals running out into the road. Because the roads cut through forests where these animals live, the probability of encountering them is increased. In fact, there are a lot of accidents involving sika deer. From evening and through the night, animal activity intensifies and as the surrounding are dark, one can be slow to notice danger. Keep your speed down while keeping an eye on your surroundings in the evening more than in the daytime