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What you can stumble upon on the road: It is not only people that cross the road!

When you are travelling in eastern Hokkaido, occasionally there are joyous encounters by chance. When wild animals such as Ezo red foxes and sika deer make unexpected appearances. It is great when trekking or mountain climbing. However, you can have such encounters even on paved roadways instead of animal trails in the mountains. It would be good if they greeted us similar to the Shigaraki ware raccoon ornaments and did not move, like the ones placed outside shops which are regarded as good luck charms. But this is not the case. Animals cross the road. In eastern Hokkaido, there are many car collisions with sika deer. The abundant nature scenery is not an attraction to entertain humans, I want you to be aware that it is a habitat for wildlife.

★In order to avoid becoming a victim of a bear attack, it is best to avoid brown bears.
Check thoroughly for information which local municipalities are providing on bear sightings.

★Definitely do not give food to the wild animals.
People giving food to the wildlife leads to the culling of brown bears and traffic accidents with Ezo red foxes. Be aware that wild animals are not pets.


Loss of a sense of scale: Can you really travel that large distance?

Hokkaido is vast.

The land area is roughly the same as Austria and twice as big as Holland. Eastern Hokkaido takes up about half the land area of the whole of Hokkaido. Kyushu would fit comfortably into eastern Hokkaido and even Daisetsuzan National Park is around the same size as Kanagawa Prefecture.

So it's not surprising that most tourists plan impossible schedules considering the size.

For example, even though Asahikawa city, Furano city and even the town of Biei look like they are located close together, commuting from the center of one to the next takes about an hour. Remain aware that eastern Hokkaido is bigger than one would have imagined and make a travel itinerary.


Daily temperature fluctuations: Are those clothes suitable for the temperature extremes?

Do you know why the fruits and vegetables harvested in Hokkaido are delicious?
It is often explained by the large temperature differences between day and night The reason why agriculture in Tokachi region is thriving is among other things, the extremes of temperature between night and day. Though there are days of real summer heat and extremely hot days, even still it is usually cool in the mornings and evenings.

For sure, you will want to have an extra layer which you can put on. On the other hand, in Kushiro, Nemuro and the area of Akkeshi, it is often less than 20 degrees during the day even in summer. It would be unwise to just be in short sleeves.

In winter, temperatures in all areas drop below freezing. It is not rare for temperatures to drop below 20 degrees. However, generally inside is kept warm. One of the tricks of travelling comfortably in eastern Hokkaido is in short, choosing suitable clothes to deal with the extremes of temperature. Be comfortable and brings layers of warm clothing which can easily be taken off.