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    Treasure of Asia, A Path to Endless Beauty:Eastern Hokkaido

    Explore The Wondeland -Eastern Hokkaido

    Explore The Wonderland -Eastern Hokkaido- is a new sightseeing route exploring the districts of Furano, Tokachigawa Onsen, Shiretoko and Kushiro. See designs born of man and nature and wonderous natural scenery... Discover the true pleasures of travelling this route in the every changing scenery, the incredible meals exploring land and sea food, and the never ending contrasts you'll find. Higashi Hokkaido: A route that's one of a kind. We've named this route "Explore The Wonderland -Eastern Hokkaido-"From ancient traditions and history, to beautiful seasonal scenery; exquisite foods from the land and sea, and hot springs to melt away the stresses of the day; this region is blessed with attractions nearly beyond number. And of course, the people you meet on the way will only add to your happy memories.In the future, we plan to offer even more themed routes to help visitors get the very best out of their travels.We hope that you can truly Explore The Wonderland -Eastern Hokkaido- and have the trip of a lifetime!

    Hokkaido MAP

    NATIONAL PARKTravel to East Hokkaido to experience the stunning East Hokkaido nature,the beauty of the rugged landscape and the creativity of the East Hokkaido people.

    National park

    Eastern Hokkaido is home to four national parks.
    Of Japan’s 32 national parks, six lie in Hokkaido. Eastern Hokkaido is home to four.
    This concentration of national parks gives some insight into the abundance of nature in Eastern Hokkaido.
    Japan may be a small country, but visitors will find vast natural surroundings in Eastern Hokkaido.

    ACTIVITYEast Hokkaido remains largely wild nature


    Eastern Hokkaido is jam-packed with things to do.
    The hardest part of planning your holiday will be deciding which to do first!

    WILDLIFENatural spectacles and unique wildlife encounters are East Hokkaido.


    Eastern Hokkaido is a natural habitat for these wild birds.
    It can be said that this is the sole habitat for the birds which are at risk of extinction.
    Let’s briefly visit their territory while conducting ourselves in a proper manner and never spoil this wild bird paradise.

    ONSENExtraordinary Abundance of Hot Springs


    These hot springs have healed our ancestors and continue to spring forth from the ground.
    Japan’s leading hot spring resorts are in eastern Hokkaido.
    Although the spring quality and history of each hot spring is different, what they have in common is that they have soothing countless people for a long time and continue to attract people today.
    Well, which hot spring shall we travel to?

    DELICACYEast Hokkaido - there is a meeting place of the unknown landscape, land of adventure.


    For a foodie, there is nothing that compares to the fun of tasting local food while travelling.
    Eating is one of the pleasures of travelling. It probably can’t be helped that unintentionally you will start to eat a lot. And all the more if there is delicious food available from the local area.