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Ice Fishing for Smelt

Enjoy ice fishing for the famous Wakasagi smelt.

If you are ice fishing in Hokkaido, there is only one way to do it, Wakasagi smelt fishing on the frozen lake.
Ice fishing involves drilling a hole about 10 cm in diameter through the frozen lake, dipping your line in and waiting for ten-centimeter-long smelt to bite. The rods used for fishing are much simpler than ordinary rods, making it ideal for all levels and ages.
Ice fishing for Wakasagi smelt can be enjoyed at Lake Akan, Lake Abashiri, and Lake Nukabira in Eastern Hokkaido. The season starts in early January and ends mid-March, so don’t miss this unique opportunity.
It’s possible to rent all of the equipment needed, such as rods, bait and tents. For those who can’t wait to enjoy the great taste of fresh fish, there is also cooking equipment available for rental. The pots and electric stoves on offer allow you to cook or deep-fry the fish right on the ice. A great reward for a hard day’s work.
Beware that ice fishing requires spending long hours in sub-zero temperatures. It is important to make sure you are dressed in warm clothes, even when inside the tent. Always come prepared not just with jackets, but also with gloves, scarves, hats, winter boots, and hand warmers.