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Smelt fishing

From the surface of a frozen lake, drop a fishing line

Winter in Hokkaido is harsh. Winter in eastern Hokkaido is especially harsh. The lakes which were once filled to the brim with water have now frozen over. Just walking on that thick iced up surface wouldn’t cause it to break. On the surface of such lakes, there are places where you can enjoy smelt fishing.

Standard fees: Lake Abashiri= ¥800 (recreational fishing fee) ¥300 (drilling fee), Lake Akan = natural smelt fishing ¥1,500 (includes complete fishing set, recreational fishing fee and fried tempura service) / smelt fishing pond 30 minutes ¥600.
On other lakes = 1 day ticket is ¥500- ¥700.
Even though, we focus on safety, be careful as the location is on top of a lake. If there are a lot of warm days as spring approaches, the ice will soften. Do not go near to areas which are considered dangerous and enjoy fishing.