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Walk through pure white fields of snow and ice!

Put on a pair of snowshoes and venture across pure white fields of snow, into the forests, and onto frozen lakes with an experienced guide! Encounter winter’s impressive and unique scenery with these specialized shoes, which are easily worn over boots, enabling you to walk smoothly on the snow.
There are numerous locations throughout Eastern Hokkaido where snowshoeing is possible. For those that want to venture across the surface of a frozen lake, try the “Early Morning Walk to Lake Akan.” Early in the morning, when the temperature drops below minus 15ºC, amazing frost flowers and diamond dust forms across the frozen terrain.
For those looking to see the white forests in winter, there’s the “Lake Kussharo and Lake Mashu Snowshoe Tour.” This route takes you deep into the wild, to sites only accessible during winter, where you can enjoy “tea time” on the snow.
There is also the “Shiretoko Five Lakes and Furepe Falls Snowshoe Tour” within Shiretoko National Park, a Natural World Heritage Site. Here, a guide will teach you how to search for traces of wildlife in the snow-covered forest.
If you just want to run around and play in the snow, we recommend the “Winter in Furano Snowshoe Tour.”