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Backcountry skiing

Glide down a mountain which doesn’t have a ski slope

Although you can slide on areas of the mountain that aren’t ski resorts, it doesn’t mean that you can slide anywhere on the mountain.
You must not intrude into private property. Inevitably, you will slide into the middle of Daisetsuzan National Park.
Daisetsuzan National Park, Yes, that’s right, there are places there where you can enjoy mountain skiing.
These places are Daisetsuzan Mount Asahi (or Asahidake) ropeway (Higashikawa town) and Daisetsuzan Sounkyo Kurodake ski resort (Kamikawa town Sounkyo). Both mountains don’t have lift but there is a ropeway so you can easily ascend to the starting point.
At the Donkoro outdoor school (Minami Furano town), they have a program to enjoy back country skiing in the fields around Minami Furano.
The Alpine Visitor Center (Furano) also provides tours to slide on Furano Nishidake and Tokachi mountain range.
There is also back-country tours at the Tokachi Adventure Club (Shintoku-cho) and instructors who have a deep knowledge of the local area lead the tours.
On this tour, It is possible to go backcountry skiing together with a professional skier, Yoshimasa Wada (Wada Promotion company Ltd. = Tokyo prefecture) and the plans which are made by Yuichiro Miura & Snow Dolphins Ski/Snowboard School, Kamui branch are also very attractive.

Standard price, ¥9,000- ¥16,000. If you require more details, firstly check.