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Check out the star-filled skies of Eastern Hokkaido!

In the virgin-forest-covered lands of Eastern Hokkaido, there are many places for stargazing. Just a little ways out of town, there are areas enveloped in complete darkness, making for the perfect setting for stargazing.

Particularly notable, is the observation deck at Lake Mashu, with 360-degree views of the starry sky. Tourism Teshikaga offers the popular, Lake Mashu Stargazing Tour, where you are accompanied by a guide and provided with a shuttle service from Kawayu Hot Springs. If you are lucky, you may get a night covered with so many stars, that it feels like the sky is covered in chandeliers. Depending on the moon, you may even catch glimpse of the mysterious lunar glow that shines on Lake Mashu. Each day holds the promise of a beautiful night on Lake Mashu. In Shiretoko, there are tours that allow you to enjoy both the stars and nocturnal wildlife, allowing you to observe how Yezo sika deer and Ezo red foxes behave differently at night.
Abashiri, Akan, Shiretoko, Tokachi and Furano also offer nightly stargazing tours.
Ginga-no-Mori Planetarium in Rikubetsu has one of the largest reflecting telescopes in the country. With it, you can see nebulas, constellations, and even the Milky Way.

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