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Horseback Riding

Bond with your horse and enjoy the great views of nature from horseback.

In Eastern Hokkaido, there are plenty of horseback riding courses for beginners, making it easy for inexperienced tourists. Trek along the riverside, ride through the forest, and get spectacular views of the ocean, all while riding a horse. It’s no wonder that so many consider horseback riding in Eastern Hokkaido refreshing!

The Coastal Course offered by the Abashiri Gensei Bokujo Tourist Center, allows you to horseback along the beach and play in the waves. From higher ground, you can enjoy sweeping views of the Sea of Okhotsk and Shiretoko Mountain Range. Ryuhyo Course, which is only offered during winter, takes you on horseback down to the beach where drift ice washes ashore. This is the only tour of its kind that offers views of drift ice on horseback. Megere Farm in Teshikaga offers rides around Lake Kussharo and the surrounding old growth forests. Most of the horse breeds here are the quiet tempered “dosanko,” so it’s easy to enjoy a safe ride with your children.
Tokachi’s Mori-no-Umagoya offers a camp program that allows you to experience life with a horse! The day starts early, where you begin by caring for the horse. Next, you are taught how to interact, ride, and fit the horse with equipment.
There are other horseback riding activities offered in the Furano and Biei area.

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