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Mountain climbing

Climb some of the most prominent peaks of Hokkaido!

"Standing at 2,291 meters, Asahidake is Hokkaido’s highest peak. Even at this height, the latitudinal location of Hokkaido means that alpine terrain forms at elevations as low as 1,700 meters, giving home to large colonies of alpine vegetation and wild animals. Hiking season is usually between June and September, with fall being the most popular, due to its gorgeous autumn colors.

On Mt. Asahidake, a ropeway takes climbers from Sanroku Station to the 5th station, Sugatami (elevation 1,600m). Alpine plants and wildlife can be seen around Sugatami Pond. Some of the surrounding trails only take about an hour, so we recommend these for tourists.
From the 5th station to the summit can take about two hours, but the reward is great. Once at the summit, remarkable views of the Tokachidake Mountain Range and valleys below await. Along the way, from the summit of Asahidake to Mamiyadake, there is a large crater known as Ohachidaira, giving climbers a glimpse of the volcanic activity that once shook Daisetsuzan.
From the chairlift stop at the 7th station to the summit of Kurodake (elevation 1,984m) takes about an hour and a half. The panoramic views of vast Daisetsuzan peaks lure many mountaineers to this popular destination. Sharidake (elevation 1,547m) is a beautiful mountain with breathtaking views. From the summit, both Lake Mashu and the Sea of Okhotsk can be seen. If you are lucky, on a clear day you can even see Kunashir Island in the distance.