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Mountain climbing

Aim for the summit in a mountaineering environment such as the Japan Alps.

Mountains in Hokkaido look like gentle slopes when compared to, for example the mountains of the Japan Alps in Honshu.
Maybe it is so, as even the highest peak of Mount Asahi is only 2291meters above sea level.
However, the natural environment is not so different from the well-known mountains of 3,000 meters in the Japan Alps.
This is due to its high latitude.

There are also courses for trekking around while admiring alpine plants and wild animals, but mountaineering with the intention of aiming for the summit is also good.

On every mountain, there are mountaineering rules, some are in order to protect one’s personal safety and some are there in order to protect nature.
Attention should also be paid to the mountaineering equipment.
Even in midsummer, it is necessary to have crampons (snow shoes made of iron for mountaineering) and an ice ax.
If climbing on a mountain populated by a lot of brown bears, it is necessary to make careful provisions against the bears.
Preparation is everything.
Enjoy the beautiful mountains which Hokkaido is proud of.