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Give a though to the lives of the people of bygone days

The history of Hokkaido is in fact long. The reason is that it has history dating back to the Jomon period.
And then there is the history since the Meiji era which many people known a lot about. The history of the people continues
unbroken to the present day.

What are historic ruins? According to the dictionary, it should be a place where people have conducted a deed of historical significance.
“to broadly specify such as the location of a structure, an ancient battlefield, ancient site of settlement, shell mound or ancient tomb.”
As contained in the “New Meikai Japanese‐language dictionary” by Sanseido.
If that is so, I seem to have heard such a voice asking, “is there such ruins in Hokkaido?”
I mean, I reckon the land which was reclaimed since the Meiji era? No, no, the fact is that Hokkaido also has history which dates back
to the Jomon period. As things such as climate conditions are different, Honshu has also progressed differently,
a different culture has flourished but Hokkaido has Hokkaido's ancient history.

The fact is that Hokkaido having a long history is surprising.
Once you have decided your destination, it is probably a good idea to check up on the history of the lands and the surrounding areas.
There is also drama in the back alleyways of tourist spot which are not well known, something that you though was
just a tree may in fact have a deep history, such a situation is possible.
Something else which you have to check out is "Hokkaido Heritage".
This is what we want to hand over to the next generation, the things selected as treasure to the people of Hokkaido.
A large number of treasures from eastern Hokkaido have also been selected.