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Historical Heritage

Historical Heritage Sites give an insight to the pioneering days of Hokkaido.

Interest in developing Hokkaido began at the end of the Edo period. By the start of the Meiji period, modern development became a full-blown project. Many of the historical heritage sites remain here in Eastern Hokkaido.
One of the most significant sites is the Abashiri Prison, located in the city of Abashiri. Built in 1891, it is the oldest prison in Japan and the oldest timber-built prison in the world. Today, it acts as a museum, serving actual “prison food.” A must try when you visit!
The Taushubetsu Bridge, built in 1939 to carry trains over Taushubetsu River, is an arched bridge made of concrete. Its beautiful design is reminiscent of ancient Roman ruins, and is a popular site for taking pictures.
Many Western buildings were built during the Meiji period, including the Pearson Memorial House in Kitami. The building was designed by W.M Vories, who was also responsible for the Yamanoue Hotel in Tokyo. The Memorial House was the private residence for the Pearsons, a missionary couple.
The Chashi Ruins on the Nemuro Peninsula is an enclosure constructed somewhere between the 16th and 18th century. The word “chashi” is Ainu for “enclosure.”