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Northern People

Learn about the northern people and their culture

The people from the northern area lived on the land while adapting themselves to the severe natural environment.
Their lifestyles and culture were both similar in places and different in places.
To know about these people, is it not perhaps to know about the extent of the world.

The “Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples” is in Abashiri City.
As the name implies, this museum makes a study of the culture and the history of the ethnic groups that lived in the northern region.
It aims to cultivate a better understanding of such ethnic groups among the people of Hokkaido. (from the same museum’s official website)
Northern people refers to the people living in the northern region.
It seems that there is no such definition as the northern region being a region with a northern latitude of not less than a certain amount,
And the ethnic groups living there being referred to as northern people.
We will here introduce the ethnic groups living in regions with subarctic climates in the Frigid Zones of the northern hemisphere
They number about 50 groups extending greatly from the Inuit people of Greenland to the Sami people of Northern Europe.

Archelogy or possibly the study of history is not all just the study of established theory.
Even if you do not know right now, sometimes things come to light as excavations and research makes progress.
On other occasions, something which has been thought of as established theory has been overturned.
Northern people, Okhotsk culture and Ainu...their history and relationships hold great mystery.
For this reason, it’s interesting and perhaps you could also say it’s romantic.