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Ainu culture

Experience Ainu culture

When you travel to eastern Hokkaido, there are places you will definitely want to visit, lake Akan and lake Kussharo.
Even though, they are the sightseeing spots which are all too well-known, this is where you will be able to learn about
the traditions and lives of the Ainu people.

Hokkaido has many obscure place names which originate from the Ainu language.
To capture the characteristics of an area of land, there are place names which the Ainu people customarily iterated using sounds
from Chinese characters.
Traces of the Ainu language like this still exist here and there around Hokkaido today. Although traditional Ainu dancing is grouped together as one, each region has their own distinctive dance features.
As it is something which has been inherited with traditional living, naturally of course it is probably taken for granted.
At the “Lake Akan Ainu kotan” (Ainu settlement), there is a theater for Ainu dancing.
It is possible to watch the regional dances which have been handed down.
The exemplary Sarorunrimuse (Ainu Crane Dance) is a simulated dance which mimics the movements of an animal.
Let’s experience the spirit of the Ainu people.