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Whale watching

Let’s cast off for the ocean where whales swim!

Speaking of a famous spot for whale watching, it would have to be off the coast of Rausu in eastern Hokkaido. Set sail from Rausu port (Rausu town) which is located on the south-east side of the Shiretoko peninsula. It is also rare to find anywhere in the world where it is possible to encounter such a variety of whales and dolphin species.

It is great news for travelers who don’t have the time to enjoy cruising that there is a monitor at the Shiretoko Rausu roadside station which shows live footage of the whales. It is possible to enjoy the atmosphere of whale watching. There is also another way to observe the whales from the shore.
Let’s go to “The Whale View Park: Observation Deck” which is adjacent to Rausu lighthouse. Sometimes, you may be able to see a Whale tail fin or a whale spouting. A relatively easy time to watch them seems to be between 2pm and half an hour before sunset. Let’s hold binoculars and wait for the arrival of the whales.

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