The highlight of the drift-ice tour is boarding on the drift-ice sightseeing icebreaker ship which stems through the ice. Watch the breathtaking drift-ice view on the deck or from a warm observation room. If you are lucky, you can see wild sea eagles or seals rest on the drift-ice.

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Drift Ice Tour

Have you ever watched that overlapped drift-ice wash ashore on the shore the sea of Okhotsk In summer, there is certainly sea field are there but you can only see a sea of ice, rasping. It's stunning. How alluring it is if I can walk on the drift-ice! No one does want to miss that opportunity.

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Frost Flowers

Have you ever heard about frost flowers? The mysterious flowers are formed only freezing morning. You may see this beautiful flower of ice by the Akan lake when conditions are just right. You are so lucky if you could see the rare and illusive frost flowers. Show off their photos to your friends.

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Jewelry Ice

Ice that sparkles like diamonds washes onto mid-winter Japanese shores, its called jewelry ice. It's been widely noticed since The New York Times published an article about it. Now, it's the coolest sightseeing spot in Tokachi.

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Package Tour

  • 3 Days to Night

    Board both GarinkoⅡ & Aurora!
    2 Nights Monbetsu - Abashiri Bus Tour

  • 1 Days

    1 Night Rausu ex Shiretoko Utoro
    Incl. Rausu Round-trip Bus
    Daytime Drift-ice & Bird-watching cruise

  • 3 Days to Night

    Shiretoko Utoro & Lake Akan
    3 days Nature Tour

  • 2 Days to Night

    Jewelry Ice, Betsukai and Ice Horizon
    2 days Lake Akan

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