Higashi Hokkaido Food Trail

No. 4 Northern Pacific Ocean Shiretoko TrailKushiro - Nemuro - RausuA trip to get a thorough taste of delicious seafood and sea ingredients

This Route's Delicious Details, according to food writer Yuki Konishi

This Route's Delicious Details, according to food writer Yuki Konishi

The Northern Pacific Ocean Shiretoko Trail connects Kushiro, Nemuro, and Rausu in an L shape and is more than anything a way to enjoy all that the Pacific Ocean has to offer. Milky oysters, widespread Ezo scallops with large curved bodies, the Hokkai shrimp only fished in summer and fall, the blue king crab and budo shrimp only available in this area... we could go on. A variety of delicious seafood awaits you. This area is also dotted with sake breweries and whiskey distilleries. You'll find that the local sake and fish match perfectly! One place you have to check out is Kushiro, whose unique food culture has been garnering attention.

Northern Pacific Ocean Shiretoko TrailKushiro - Nemuro - Rausu

No. 4 Northern Pacific Ocean Shiretoko Trail

  1. Where you live -> (Kushiro Airport) -> Kushiro (lodgings)
  2. Kushiro -> Akkeshi/Hamanaka -> Nemuro (lodgings)
  3. Nemuro -> Betsukai -> Rausu (lodgings)
  4. Rausu -> (Nakashibetsu Airport/Memanbetsu Airport) -> where you live

Popular restaurants with local delicacies you'll want to try!

Suiraku Maruta [Betsukai]FOODTRAIL 01

Suiraku Maruta [Betsukai]

This izakaya's owner, a licensed broker, uses their background to get a wide variety of fish, which in turn lets you try a wide variety of dishes. The fact that local fishermen go there to eat tells you all you need to know about the fish freshness and high quality! Another great draw is the owner, "Star Oosumi"'s, intense and quirky personality.

Business hours 17:00~23:00(L.O 22:30)
Closed Sundays
Location 175, Minatocho, Otaito, Betsukai-cho, Notsuke-gunGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0153-86-2006

02Gyoho [Rausu]

Gyoho [Rausu]

This restaurant, owned by a seafood processing company, is only open for a limited time. You can get a good taste of Rausu's seafood here, as you grill your own food over a charcoal fire. The reasonable prices are also nice.

Business hours 11:00~19:00
Irregular closed days; limited hours during summer
Location Honcho, Rausu-cho, Menashi-gun (behind Michinoeki Rausu)Google MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 080-5583-0430

03Robata Renga [Kushiro]

Robata Renga [Kushiro]

A popular gourmet robatayaki restaurant founded in Kushiro. In addition to grilled fish, this shop also offers a variety of shellfish, vegetables, and meat. The set menu is also full of options, so don't worry if it's your first time - you too can enjoy some delicious robata dishes!

Business hours 17:00~23:00(L.O 22:00)
Location 5-3, 3 Chome, Nishiki-cho, Kushiro-shiGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0154-32-3233

Must-eats on this route: Oysters

Must-eats on this route: Oysters

Passing through places like Kushiro, Akkeshi, and Hamanaka, this trail's specialty is its large number of oyster harvesting cities. In particular Akkeshi, formerly a fishing town, now has a number of popular stores where you can enjoy oysters and whiskey together. Besides the two locations listed below, you can go straight to the Akkeshi Fishing Association, which also has its own direct sales shop.

Best-tasting season March-May
Harvesting area Along the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk

01Mikaku Terminal Conchiglie [Akkeshi]

Mikaku Terminal Conchiglie [Akkeshi]

Restaurants offering a diverse menu of oyster dishes, an in-store barbecue corner where you can enjoy cooking your food yourself, an oyster bar that will teach you a new way to eat your shellfish - paradise for any oyster fan.

Business hours Restaurant opening - 11:00am; Closing - 6:00pm-9:00pm, depending on shop/season
Location 2, 2 Chome, Suminoe, Akkeshi-cho, Akkeshi-gunGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0153-52-4139

02Oyster Bar Kakiba

Oyster Bar Kakiba

An oyster bar founded by the charismatic oyster catcher, Hitoshi Nakajima. As you taste the savory oysters cultivated by Mr. Nakajima, enjoy the view of Lake Akkeshi and the Akkeshi Great Bridge. You may also want to enjoy your meal with a high quality whiskey.

Business hours 11:00〜18:00~21:00
depending on shop/season
Location 137, 1 Chome, Ponto, Akkeshi-cho, Akkeshi-gunGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0153-52-5277

Must-eats on this route: Kushiro's food culture

Must-eats on this route: Kushiro's food culture

As crowds came and went from Kushiro, a city flourishing from the northern fishing industry, a unique food culture developed. In particular, two styles of eating are thought to have originated in Kushiro: robatayaki, which involves cooking seafood and vegetables over a charcoal fire; and zangi, a Hokkaido form of karaage that involves eating fried chicken after dipping it in sauce. Kushiro ramen, which has thin noodles and a light soy sauce taste, and kattedon, the Kushiro Washo Ichiba market's original version of the seafood bowl that involves putting your preferred raw fish on top of rice, also have a deeply-seated popularity.

01Restaurant Izumiya Honten [Kushiro]

Restaurant Izumiya Honten [Kushiro]

If there was one dish to represent all of Kushiro's local delicacies, it would be supakatsu. Pork cutlets on top of a heaping pile of spaghetti on top of a piping hot iron plate! Izumiya also has many other classic Western menu items. This shop has unbreakable ties to Kushiro's food culture.

Business hours 11:00〜21:30(L.O21:00)
Closed once a month on Tuesday
Location 2-28, Suehiro-cho, Kushiro-shiGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0154-24-4611

02Torimatsu [Kushiro]

Torimatsu [Kushiro]

Zangi, a special type of fried chicken. Zangi is said to have originated at this very shop in Kushiro, Torimatsu. The flavor seems simple, but you'll have finished a plate of them before you know it. If you're visiting Kushiro, this famous restaurant is a must-visit.

Business hours 17:00~24:30
Closed Sundays
Location 3-1, Sakae-cho, Kushiro-shiGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0154-22-9761

03Sanmanma [Kushiro]

Sanmanma [Kushiro]

Sanmanma - a local gourmet dish where genuine Kushiro oil-covered saury is wrapped around doughy, seasoned rice. Sold at Kushiro fisherman's wharf MOO, the scent will entice you into buying it before you even know what's happened.

Business hours 10:00~19:00
Irregular closed days
Location MOO 1F, 2-4-3, Nishiki-cho, Kushiro-shiGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0154-24-5114

04Ramenya Natsubori [Kushiro]

Ramenya Natsubori [Kushiro]

Natsubori's speciality is its broth, a soy sauce base that tastes much, much lighter than its dark appearance would suggest. Another delicacy is the char siu, made from local Akan pork. A beloved local Kushiro ramen shop.

Business hours 11:00~15:00 17:00~20:00(Last order 15 minutes before close)
* Closed Wednesdays, Tuesday nights
Location 4-3, Kasuga-cho, Kushiro-shiGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0154-35-3812

Hands-on food experience

01Rausu fishing port Seri(The auction of fishery ) tour【Rausu town】

Rausu fishing port Seri(The auction of fishery ) tour【Rausu town】

Fresh fish appear throughout the year in Shiretoko and Rausu. While people generally aren't allowed to enter the area, the Rausu Fishery Association is now operating a Japanese parsley viewing tour. The huge fishery, lined with a wide variety of fish including the lively parsley, is a must-see! After the viewing, you'll get to relish the taste of fresh fish! Operator: Shiretoko Rausu Lincle

Business hours Mid-April to mid-October
*May have days outside of established dates
Location 23, Honcho, Rausu-cho, Menashi-gunGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0153-85-7604

02Kattedon | Washo Ichiba [Kushiro]

Kattedon | Washo Ichiba [Kushiro]

Long beloved as the kitchen of Kushiro locals is the Washo Ichiba market. The most famous item here is the kattedon, where you can eat your preferred raw fish on top of rice. Choosing your favorite from a variety of options and making your own meal will leave you with a full stomach and a nice memory.

Business hours 8:00~18:00
* Varies by season. Please check our website for more information.
Location 25, 13 Chome, Kurogane-cho, Kushiro-shiGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Phone number 0154-22-3226