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Akanko Onsen 1 day trip course

Winter Scenery and Tancho Crane Tour

Akanko Onsen is surrounded by forest, lake, and volcanic peaks. The spa resort town has a deep connection to traditional Ainu culture. Lake Akan is also habitat of the natural monument of the marimo. There is also the Ainu Kotan village featuring a number of wooden crafts stores and a theatre with performances of traditional Ainu dance. Old growth forest can be accessed in only several minutes on foot from all of the major hotels. The protected natural and cultural treasures you will find here are well worth the trip.


1h 6m (32.8 km) by Car
58m (28.7 km) by Car
16m (7.6 km) by Car
8m (3.7 km) by Car
1h 48m (53.7 km) by Car
13m (6.1 km) by Car
1h 54m (57.0 km) by Car