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Downtown Abashiri 1 day trip course

Convenient Okhotsk Scenic Beauty Tour

Abashiri is a famous winter time destination for viewing the drift ice in the Okhotsk Sea, but there is more to see and do in other seasons as well. The area has a huge number of forests and lakes, observatories offering views of Lake Abashiri and Lake Notoro, as well as the Shiretoko Mountains in the distance rising above the Okhotsk Sea. The coastline and lake shorelines are a paradise for flowers. Abashiri is a treasure trove for rare flora, including the glasswort at Lake Notoro.


2 h 16 m (67.8㎞) by Car
27 m (13.4km) by Car
17 m (3.1 km) by Car
47 m (23.3km) by Car
3 h 5 m (92.8km) by Car
32 m (15.8km) by Car