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Akan Tsurui

Akan Tsurui

Akan Tsurui

Akan Tsurui area is famous for Lake Akan and Tsurui village, the home of red-crowned cranes.

The dishes using wild game like Yezo Deer are getting more and more attention these days. You can enjoy them in various ways from Yezo Deer burger to authentic French cuisine. There are now many cafes and restaurants located nicely in a great nature.


Relaxing farm restaurant on a hill, Heart’n Tree. 【Tsurui Village】

The village located to the north of Kushiro, Tsurui village is famous as a home to red-crowned cranes.
“Heart’n Tree” is a restaurant on top of a hill that overlooks idyllic scenery.

heartn-tree- (1)

All the dishes served at Heart’n Tree are handmade. They use vegetables and dairy products produced in Hokkaido, if possible, the ones produced in Tsurui. For example, their pasta and bread are made only with ingredients produced locally. It is the same for their lunch menu and authentic sweets.  They place great importance on serving additive-free, safe food.

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Garden Lunch.

heartn-tree- (5)

Bread set.

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They also offer cooking lessons and cheese making lesson. If you want to spend more relaxing time, how about staying in a cute guest house standing on top of a hill?

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Farm restaurant Heart’n tree
Business Hours: 10:00-17:00
Closed: Thursdays (open every day in August)

Foot bath, wild game and sweets at Onsen Kobo Akan 【Akanko Hot Spring】

The distinctive feature of a small shop located in Akanko Hot Spring district, it is a foot bath!
It is a unique café where you can enjoy eating sweets and meal while taking a foot bath.


Cake and drink set is only 400 yen.


When you want to take a break from strolling around the hot spring district, this is the ideal spot to visit.


Onsen Kobo Akan also has a great reputation for its lunch menu.

Spaghetti meat sauce using venison, the wild game that is getting more and more attention these days.


“Zarbonara”, is the carbonara topped with signal crayfish, local specialty of Lake Akan.
Signal crayfish is called lake lobster and known as a luxury foodstuff in Europe.

Enjoy original menu of Lake Akan at Onsen Kobo Akan.

Ashiyu Café Onsen Kobo Akan
Business Hours: 8:30-20:00
Closed: Tuesdays
4-29, 1-chome, Akanko Onsen, Akan, Kushiro