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A World Heritage site, Shiretoko is not only abound with wild mountains, but also blessed with marine products. It is number one in the number of catches of salmon and trout in Japan.

Shiretoko has exquisite fresh seafood rice bowl and salmon roe rice bowl. In addition, there are many seafood products recognized by Shiretoko Shari town. Among them, “Salmon Oyakozuke” (salmon flesh and salmon roe pickled in soy sauce) and “Sazanami Salmon” (Salmon Jerky) will make especially fine souvenir.



A World Heritage site, Shiretoko. Enjoy delicious food at “Shiretoko Kaigan Shokudo” while looking at the gorgeous scenery.

The gorgeous scenery from “Shiretoko Kaigan Shokudo”

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“Shiretoko Kaigan Shokudo” is located on the National Route that runs along the coastline, only 3 minutes’ drive from downtown Utoro, Shiretoko.

It is undoubtedly the gorgeous scenery that makes this restaurant so special. You can have a panoramic view of calm Okhotsk Sea from the restaurant and the wood deck.

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The view of the sun setting into the Okhotsk Sea is overwhelming.

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You can see the sea covered with floating ice during winter.

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The food at Shiretoko Kaigan Shokudo.

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Here are some popular set menus.

Grilled bear meat bowl (1,800yen)

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Seafood bowl (2,500yen) with plenty of seafood caught in Utoro, Shiretoko.

This restaurant will satisfy both your tongue and eyes with its tasty Shiretoko food and stunning Shiretoko scenery.

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Shiretoko Kaigan Shokudo
Operating period: From February 1st to February 28th (scheduled for 2017), from the end of April to the middle of October (every year)
Business hours: 11:30~14:00, 18:00~21:00


Appreciate superb sea urchin while looking at the floating ice at GVO in Utoro, Shiretoko

GVO is a small café and bar located on the coast of Utoro area, the center of World Heritage site, Shiretoko.
The owner usually go fishing for sea urchin from spring through summer. So GVO is open only from September to March.

GVO is located in an extraordinary place.
It has a panoramic view of the Okhotsk Sea from the window. In winter, the floating ice can be seen just under the window.

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In addition to the gorgeous scenery, another thing that makes this café and bar so special is its sea urchin dishes.
The rice bowl topped with sea urchin stewed in starchy sauce. A lot of sea urchins are generously used for this rice bowl.

gvo-image1 (4)

Pasta with sea urchin and tomato cream sauce. Grainy sea urchin roes feels wonderful in your mouth.

During the bar time at night, you can enjoy music and drinks while looking at number of fishing lights floating off the coast.

Café.bar.music GVO
Operating period: From around September to March.
Closed: Wednesdays and the second Thursday of each month.
Business hours: Café 11:00~14:30, Bar 18:00~23:00