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The town stretches at the foot of Lake Mashu, Teshikaga has plenty of delicious food.

For example, it has Mashu soba noodle and galette made from buckwheat grown in Teshikaga, dairy products like soft ice cream, and wild game meat. You can find many great restaurants in Teshikaga including the one in a retro-style station building, and the ones in great nature.



The restaurant in front of JR Mashu station in Teshikaga. It serves selection of stunning local food.

poppo-tei- (1)

The gateway to Teshikaga, JR Mashu station has upbeat atmosphere. “Poppotei” is located just in front of it.

poppo-tei- (2)

Poppotei” is famous for its grilled pork rice bowl.

They use only pork loin of pigs raised in Hokkaido. The bowl is topped with plenty of thick, skillfully grilled pork.
It is a popular menu that has many fans who come back here repeatedly.

poppo-tei- (9)

At “Poppotei”, they always try to develop new menu using locally grown ingredients.

poppo-tei- (7)

poppo-tei- (10)

“Mashu no Megumi Ramen (Ramen with blessings of Mashu)”. All ingredients and toppings are grown locally. They take pride in this salt-based soup that was completed after months of trial and error.

poppo-tei- (1)

“Yukimi Ramen (Snow-viewing Ramen)”. Locally produced noodle matches the mild, miso-taste soup. The base of the soup is soy bean soup using soy beans grown in Teshikaga and it is added with locally produced milk.
It will warm you up both physically and mentally.

It is a much recommended restaurant to visit while you are travelling in Teshikaga.

Oshokuji dokoro Poppotei
Business hours: 10:00~19:30 (Last order)
Closed: Closed irregularly (Open every day in summer)

【Suzume Shokudo and Bar】

Enjoy simple, healthy food that is easy on the body in Teshikaga.


A well-known hot spring with attractive atmosphere of good old days, Kawayu Hot Spring.
Suzume Shokudo and Bar was opened in one corner of this hot spring district in the spring of 1016.


Inside of the restaurant is filled with soft light and offering a cozy space that even a first-time customer can relax.


The concept of this restaurant is to serve “simple, healthy food that is easy on the body”.
They cook each dish wishing that their food can heal customers both physically and mentally.


The most popular item on the menu here is the “Hatake no Teishoku” (Set Meal from the Field) that includes many delicious seasonal vegetables.


They also offer some exciting menu items like Thai-style green curry and fried spring rolls.


Vietnamese sweets arranged in Japanese style, “Wache”.

Both hot springs and delicious food will offer you some heart-warming experience.

Suzume Shokudo and Bar
Business hours: Restaurant 11:30~14:30 / Bar 18:00~21:30
Closed: Wednesdays, The first and third Thursdays of each month.