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One of the most famous town of dairy farming in Hokkaido, Nakashibetsu is well-known for its cheese.

There is a Megmilk’s factory in the town where you can buy some exquisite Gouda cheese sold only in this area.

Nakashibetsu also have various kinds of delicious sweets using fresh dairy products

La Kinko, a Western-style restaurant loved by locals in Nakashibetsu

Restaurant and pub, La Kinko is a long standing restaurant loved by local people in Nakashibetsu, the town of dairy farming.


La Kinko has many reasons to be loved.

Their Hamburg steak and sautéed chicken are served on a hot iron plate. They taste comforting and genuine.


All the dishes are generously portioned and more than enough amount even for men. It is the local tradition in Doto area.

The interior is decorated in retro style.


There are a lot of popular menus. We picked up Nakashibetsu Cheese Hamburg (1,296yen) this time.


The collaboration of tasty Hamburg steak and Gouda cheese produced in Nakashibetsu. It is the menu intended to support local industry.


Melted cheese is absolutely fantastic.


“Restaurant and pub La Kinko Honten
Chezmoi MS1F, Kita 2-chome, Nishi 3-jo, Nakashibetsu
Business hours: 11:00~21:00
Closed: Thursdays

【Farmer’s reataurant, café Beco】Relaxing café overlooks grazing cattle.

Hokkaido has a lot of farms.
I want to spend some relaxing time watching grazing cattle, for I love their spot pattern. Café Beco (beco means cow) in Nakashibetsu is the perfect place for me.

Open the red door, then you’ll find a worm, relaxing space. You can see grazing cattle through the large window.


Let’s let loose looking at cute cattle.


They serve 10 kinds of freshly baked bread every morning. I’m sure you’ll love them. The kind of the bread changes daily.


And, here comes sweets.

The popular menu, “Chiffon cake” topped with either ice cream or fresh cream on your choice.


Beco parfait.
Ice cream and fruits are generously portioned in a cup.


Café au lait is made with plenty of milk and poured in a large cup.
They also offer very filling lunch specials and various kinds of set menus.



Café Beco
Business hours: 8:00~18:00 (~16:00 during winter)
Closed: Mondays