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Obihiro Hageten Honten’s “Grilled pork rice bowl”.

Obihiro Hageten Honten’s “Grilled pork rice bowl”.

Obihiro Hageten Honten’s “Grilled pork rice bowl”. 

It is an authentic cuisine served at the long-established restaurant in Obihiro.

“Grilled pork rice bowl” is one of the signature food in Obihiro.


“Obihiro Hageten Honten” is a restaurant that serves exquisite dishes such as tempura and local dishes using plenty of ingredients grown in Hokkaido, as well as grilled pork rice bowl.

Let us introduce their authentic cuisine that has been passed down from the early Showa period.

※ This content was originally from “Hokkaido Labo” with some re-editing. The original content is available here.

1. Obihiro Hageten’s “Grilled pork rice bowl”.
2. Hageten’s dishes have been brought overseas.
3. Restaurant information: Obihiro Hageten Honten.

1. Obihiro Hageten’s “Grilled pork rice bowl”.

The restaurant established in 1944, “Obihiro Hageten Honten” serves exquisite tempura and local dishes.
It is a long-established restaurant that takes pride in keeping the first owner’s wishes to serve authentic food.


The origin of grilled pork rice bowl goes back to the early Showa period. The first owner of “Obihiro Hageten”, Shoroku Yano was one of the members who made effort to spread this dish from an earlier time.

Mr. Yano created the recipe for the original sauce through trial and error. The sauce is passed down to the second and the third owners.

The pork pigs are grown healthily in the rich nature under severe climate in Hokkaido. Besides, Hageten’s grilled pork rice bowl is using carefully chosen rare part of pork that only little is available per pig.


The premium quality pork is grilled at a high temperature over 850 degrees Celsius.

Photo by “Obihiro Hageten Honten”

Grilled pork is so soft that it can be cut with chopsticks. It is definitely the genuine dish that you can enjoy the authentic taste of meat.

The special sauce is made from only carefully selected, safe ingredients. They don’t use any additives like thickening polysaccharides or preservatives.
They make it a rule to use safe, natural ingredients such as authentically-brewed soy sauce, sugar, and natural seasoning.

They never produce it on a large scale. In order to keep the original taste, it is made by hand without any additives.


Grilled pork rice bowl is the signature food that has been loved by locals in Obihiro, Tokachi. It is now popular among foreign tourists too. We also saw a foreign tourist ordering “pork” on the day we visited there for interview.

The first owner Shoroku Yano once said, “There are times we suffer a loss in order to make authentic dishes”.  His words are still alive after 80 years. Hageten takes pride in using only carefully selected ingredients.

2. Hageten’s dishes have been brought overseas.

Hageten opened their first overseas shop in Hong Kong in July, 2016.
They serve various kinds of dishes from tempura to local dishes there.


Sometimes, customers in Hong Kong shop became enthusiastic fans of Hageten and even come all the way to Obihiro Honten.
Hageten-style Japanese food is now spreading beyond borders.


3. Restaurant information: Obihiro Hageten Honten

“Obihiro Hageten Honten”
HP: http://www.obihiro-hageten.com
address: 5, Minami 10, Nishi 1, Obihiro, Hokkaido
5 minutes’ walk from the north exit of Obihiro station, the north of Kitanoyatai.
Business Hours: 11:00-21:00 (last order 20:30)
Closed: closed irregularly
Telephone: 0155-23-4478