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“Hokkaido Garden Path Ticket”

“Hokkaido Garden Path Ticket”

“Hokkaido Garden Path Ticket”

Do you want to visit beautiful gardens as well as enjoy delicious food? There is a value ticket just for you!

And if you go to all the gardens, there is a special campaign for that too. In this article, we will introduce the information for the Garden Path Trail.


“Hokkaido Garden Path Ticket”

If you would like to visit several gardens along the “Hokkaido Garden Path”, we would recommend you to purchase the “Hokkaido Garden Path Ticket”. You can choose to visit up to 4 of the 8 gardens for only ¥2,200 per person. Normally, the admission fee for 1 garden is ¥800-1,000 so the special ticket is a really good deal.

“Hokkaido Garden Path Ticket”

Time Period: May 13, 2017 to October 15, 2017
Price: ¥2,200 per person (adults only)
Availability: You can purchase a ticket at one of the gardens.

A Gift for Visitors of All 8 Gardens

During the campaign time (between May 13, 2017 to October 15, 2017), if you have visited all 8 gardens, please show your 8 garden pamphlets to a staff at the last garden and you will receive an original “Hokkaido Garden Path” bookmark.


In addition, if you have also stayed at 2 official hotels

In addition, if you have also stayed at 2 official hotels, you have a chance to win a special prize! 50 lucky winners will be drawn by lottery and receive a “Hokkaido Garden Path” pottery piece made by locally renowned artist, Hideki Origasa.
To be eligible for the lottery, you must collect 10 stamps, one from each of the 8 gardens and from staying at 2 official Hokkaido Garden hotels (※1).

※1 : Asahikawa Grande Hotel, La Vista Daisetsuzan, New Furano Prince Hotel, Sahoro Resort Hotel, Hokkaido Hotel, and the Tokachigawa Onsen Daiichi Hotel.

For more information, please visit the webpage:

Contact Information

Tokachi Tourist Information Center
Telephone: 0155-23-6403

Furano Tourism Association
Telephone: 0167-23-3388

Asahikawa Tourism and Local Products Information Center
Telephone: 0166-26-6665

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