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“Going Around Garden Cafes” Garden Café Raurau: Tokachi Millennium Forest

“Going Around Garden Cafes” Garden Café Raurau: Tokachi Millennium Forest

“Going Around Garden Cafes” Garden Café Raurau: Tokachi Millennium Forest

The Kamikawa area in the center of Hokkaido is famous for its Sounkyo Hotspring and 8 beautiful gardens around Furano, Biei, and the Tokachi plains. The gardens bloom along the “Hokkaido Garden Path” and has been increasing in popularity every year. It is especially colorful between May and October.

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There are cafes and restaurants in many of the gardens, so visitors can enjoy the delicious Hokkaido food and the colorful scenery. Here, we will introduce the garden café in the Tokachi Millennium Forest.

The eastern side of the Tokachi plain rests at the foot of the Hidaka Mountains, which is said to be the backbone of Hokkaido.

The forest and garden stretch over a vast expanse of land as big as 85 Tokyo Domes. The garden, often admired as one of the most beautiful, won the Grand Award of the Society of Garden Designers Awards 2012.


They also have a variety of tour plans to experience and enjoy there. Japan’s first Segway Tour, as well as Horseback Riding, Cheese Making, and Art tours accommodate for all kinds of people’s tastes.

Garden cafe Raurau(ガーデンカフェ ラウラウ)

The cafe is able to connect “agriculture” and “food” together. You can have your meal while enjoying the Kitchen Garden, where fresh vegetables and herbs grow.

Their pizzas use cheese and herbs which were produced in the cheese factory, Nochiyu. At Garden Cafe Raurau, they serve Tokachi mushroom spaghetti and cheese plates with small buns. The have an assortment of drinks too, including herb tea, English tea, coffee, and wine. You can enjoy light meals and cheese with the wine. Lastly for dessert, you can indulge in sweets like the chocolate kouglof, amongst a variety of cakes and ice cream.


On the patio, you can feel the gentle breeze and enjoy the beautiful garden and forest with comfort food. It will be a precious and delicious memory.


Tokachi Millenium Forest – Garden Cafe Raurau
2016 Schedule: Open from April 29 to October 31 (the Tokachi Millennium Forest is open until November 3)

Business Hours: 10:00-16:00 (Last Order 15:30)

* The cafe is inside the garden. Please note that there is an entry fee to enter the garden.