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Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum’s “Café&restaurant 360″| A Restaurant Featuring a Great Panoramic View of Abashiri.

Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum’s “Café&restaurant 360″| A Restaurant Featuring a Great Panoramic View of Abashiri.

Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum’s “Café&restaurant 360″| A Restaurant Featuring a Great Panoramic View of Abashiri.

Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum’s “Café&restaurant 360″| A Restaurant Featuring a Great Panoramic View of Abashiri.

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Abashiri, the glacial town situated along the Sea of Okhotsk. There, on top of the 207m high mountain of Tento-zan is the Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum, a popular sightseeing location.

Touch and feel your way around cold, -15℃ real-world glaciers, watch them seemingly come to life inside our Glacial Illusions Theater, or even witness up close “”clione””, sea creatures seen as “”glacier angels””. There is something fun for both children and adults alike here.

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And, another feature of the Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum is the magnificent view spanning far beyond Lake Abashiri and the Sea of Okhotsk. You can enjoy this view from the restaurant “”Café&restaurant 360″”.

This article originally appeared on Hokkaido Rabo. The original Japanese article is available for viewing here.

Café&restaurant 360

Access to Café&restaurant 360 is available to all patrons regardless of whether or not they have paid the entry fee for accessing the glacier areas of the museum. Please feel free to partake in lunch or coffee time while enjoying the wonderful view the restaurant has to offer.

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There are three kinds of “360 Lunch Courses” to choose from, named after Tento-zan, the mountain on which this facility is located. The “Ten” course is a fresh pasta lunch (choose from 2 kinds of pasta), the “To” course is a meat or fish lunch, while the “Zan” course consists of various grilled dishes. All lunches utilize seasonal ingredients sourced from Abashiri and around Hokkaido.

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I decided to try the “”Ten”” course, which this time was a “”salmon crème mariage”” pasta.

The course consisted of a pasta dish topped with the seasonal salmon, and included salad, soup, bread, dessert, and even coffee. A satisfying lunch indeed!

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I also tried pasta with meat sauce made from Abashiri beef.

The pasta selection changes over time, so you’d want to visit again when your taste buds call for something else.

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Today’s dessert was almond-flavoured tofu, and the sweetness just fills your mouth. Combined with the “360 Original Blend” coffee made by Abashiri’s well-known “Hazeya Coffee” shop, the dessert and coffee pair up very well.

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There are also plenty of other menu items, like a “”Tento-gozen”” bento dish for those seeking a more Japanese flair, and also some dishes featuring Japanese deer meat.

There is also a sweets menu from which you can order at your leisure, which is great for car travellers who are just stopping by for a rest.

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Take in the panoramic view from the observation deck.

And, when you are finished with your meal, come back again to the observation deck.

You can enjoy the 360-degree view from the observation deck of the Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum free of charge.

You can see all around the lakes of Abashiri, Notoro, Tofutsu, and Mokoto, the mountain ranges of Shiretoko as well as Mount Oakan, Mount Meakan, and Mount Mashu. On days with good visibility, you can even see Mount Asahi located over 200 km away, which is quite a surprise.

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Gaze at the cherry blossoms along the Shiretoko mountain range in spring, or gaze at the sunflowers and glassworts around Lake Abashiri and Lake Notoro around September. As the seasons change, so does the view. There is always something to come back for.

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Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum

URL: https://www.ryuhyokan.com/
Location: 093-0044 Hokkaido, Abashiri, Tento-zan 244-3
Telephone: 0152-43-5951
Admission Fee: Adult ¥750 (group ¥600), High School Student ¥640 (group ¥510), Elementary and Junior High Students ¥540 (group ¥430)
*group prices are per person
Summer (May to October) 8:30 ~ 18:00 (Entrance closes at 17:30)
Winter (November to April) 9:00 ~ 16:30 (Entrance closes at 16:00)
New Years Special Hours (December 28th ~ January 5th)10:00~15:00(Entrance closes at 14:30)
Hours for Café&restaurant 360 are the same as that of the Museum.
(The Tento-zan lunch courses and the Tento-gozen are available until 14:30)

Visiting by Car

From Oshamanbe Airport: approximately 20 minutes (about 17 km)
Taxi Fare: (summer) apx. ¥4,500 (winter) apx. ¥5,500
From JR Abashiri Station: approximately 10 minutes (about 5 km)
Taxi Fare: (summer) apx. ¥1,600 (winter) apx. ¥1,900

Visiting by Bus

From the Abashiri bus terminal (via JR Abashiri), please board the “”Kanko Shisetsu-meguri Bus””
Travel Time: Approximately 15 minutes from JR Abashiri station.
Fare: 1-day pass (adult) ¥800 (child) ¥400
Purchase passes from the Abashiri bus terminal, the Abashiri Kanko Kyokai, the Abashiri Kanko Information Centre, or at Toyoko Inn located near JR Abashiri.
Inquiries (Japanese only): 0152-43-4101
Note: Bus service and frequency varies between summer and winter. Please confirm the bus schedule in advance.

Abashiri Kanko-meguri Bus

Riding the bus all around to see Abashiri’s highlights? Take advantage of the 1-day pass!
http://www.abakanko.jp/news/event/kankoushisetsumeguribus.html (Japanese)
※ This article originally appeared on Hokkaido Labo. The original Japanese article is available for viewing here.