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Offering the freshest sushi and top-notch food hospitality in Kitami, is the kaiten-sushi restaurant Toriton.

Offering the freshest sushi and top-notch food hospitality in Kitami, is the kaiten-sushi restaurant Toriton.

Offering the freshest sushi and top-notch food hospitality in Kitami, is the kaiten-sushi restaurant Toriton.

Located in eastern Hokkaido lies the heart of the Okhotsk region of Kitami City.

Kitami is famous for the fine dining of yakiniku and many onion-based dishes thanks to the region’s status as the number one producer of onions in the country, but there is one other food that must not be left out: kaiten-sushi.

Even among the large number of high-quality kaiten-sushi restaurants within the prefecture of Hokkaido, “”Kaiten-sushi Toriton”” stands out as one of the most popular.

Although now many Toriton restaurants have opened even in places like Tokyo, its origins are actually from right here in the City of Kitami.

In essence, Kaiten-sushi Toriton is the soul food of the city.

Here are some things listed by the residents of Kitami about what they love above all else regarding dining at Toriton.


The Taste of Sushi at Kaiten-sushi Toriton

Whether you come for lunch or for dinner, the line of sushi on the conveyor belt never stops at Toriton.

The reason for the great taste is because the company also handles the wholesale of fish. Thanks to its own networking and logistics the company can transport fish and other seafood at low prices, in turn ensuring that the restaurants always have the freshest, highest-quality fish available.

Is it because of the great care and attention given in preserving the quality of the fish, that even dishes like the popular “”atsu-giri sanma”” (thick-cut mackerel) are available all-year round rather than as a limited-time offering in the fall? You should definitely try this rare delicacy.

A Kaiten-sushi Toriton restaurant in Kitami.

Currently there are two restaurants in the city.
Pictured here is Toriton, Sanrin branch.


Pictured here is Toriton, Yuhi-ga-oka branch.

Both locations are just 10 minutes by car away from JR Kitami station, so if coming from the station it’s recommend to come either by rental car or by taxi.


Popular Sushi Fish Available at Toriton
Here is a brief list of some of the sushi fish that you’d love to eat at Toriton.
“”Aka-ika”” (red squid), from Hokkaido.


A winter dish, “Shin-tachi gunkan” (Pacific cod roe)


From Mashike, famous for its deep-water shrimp. “Nanban-ebi” (Japanese red shrimp)


From Notsuke “Hokki-gai” (surf clam)


The jewel of the sea “Botan-ebi” (Japanese spot shrimp)



Unique to Hokkaido “Nishin-no-nigiri” (Pacific herring)


From Nemuro “Hanasaki-kani jiru” (blue king crab soup)


Always lively and energetic, Toriton

Toriton is of course known for its sushi, but that is not its only appeal.

As soon as you enter the restaurant you are greeted by attentive, lively staff, and even after being seated you are always attended to. Thanks to the wonderful hospitality, you will always feel great coming to Toriton.

Should your travels bring you to Kitami, why not have a taste of Kitami’s soul food at Toriton?


Kaiten-sushi Toriton, Sanrin branch
Hokkaido, Kitami, Higashi-Sanrin 3-chome, 12-20
Parking available
Telephone: 0157-23-5555
Hours: 11:00~22:00 (Orders accepted until 21:30)

Kaiten-sushi Toriton, Yuhi-ga-oka branch
Hokkaido, Kitami, Miyoshi-cho 2-5-1
Parking available
Telephone: 0157-31-8311
Hours: 11:00~22:00 (Orders accepted until 21:30)

Images provided by: Kitaichi Shokuhin K.K.