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Ramen restaurant “”Natsubori””, a must-visit for ladies who love ramen! | Kushiro Ramen | Kushiro City

Ramen restaurant “”Natsubori””, a must-visit for ladies who love ramen! | Kushiro Ramen | Kushiro City

Ramen restaurant “”Natsubori””, a must-visit for ladies who love ramen! | Kushiro Ramen | Kushiro City

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Thin, wavy noodles paired with a light soy sauce-based broth form the basis this Kushiro ramen.

Joining Hokkaido’s big three flavours (Sapporo miso, Asahikawa shoyu (soy sauce), Hakodate shio (salt)) comes a quasi-4th style of ramen, already with many fans and over 100 shops all over Kushiro.

Today we will look at one such ramen shop called Natsubori.

※The original Japanese article is available on the website “”Girls’ East Hokkaido Travels Project [Rebirth]””



The broth of Natsubori’s soy sauce ramen looks incredibly dark, perhaps also very salty. But in actuality once you taste it you would discover that it has a light, yet rich flavour, making it very easy to enjoy.


The soup is made from a combination of two types of broth, a konbu and katsuo (seaweed and fish) broth, plus a chicken-vegetable pork bone broth.

The noodles here resemble sōmen, a very thin noodle. Perhaps this has even surprised some customers? You can easily slurp up these easy-to-swallow noodles. The sliced pork toppings come from the City’s very own Akan district, and it has just the right amount of fat making it very soft and delicious.

The lady sitting next to me is a regular customer, and today she has ordered a ramen with three slices of pork topping. ♪


Popular Menu Items for Ladies

Apart from the popular soy sauce ramen, I asked about two other items that are popular with lady customers.


The first one is a “”negi shio ramen””, or green onion ramen with a salted broth.

Using green onions from Hokkaido, the white ends are sliced thinly, almost like hair, and then mixed with a spicy dressing.

The salt, obtained from deep ocean water, comes from Rausu, another town in Hokkaido. The soup is clear and see-through.


The second one is a “”yasai miso ramen””, or a vegetable-miso ramen.

Toppings for this ramen include beansprouts, wood ear mushrooms, carrots, onions, and Chinese cabbage, among others; all piled on like a mountain. The sweetness of the vegetables flow into the soup, giving it a special flavour.

The miso is also special, made with a blend of vegetables and over 30 other ingredients to give it its unique taste.


(For the ramen soup, you can choose from shoyu (soy sauce), shio (salt), or miso.)

Whichever ramen you choose comes with lots of vegetables, making these menu items a favourite for ladies.

A Store Loved by Fans both Near and Far


Natsubori, a ramen place where you can feel at home and talked about by many customers, will move to its present location of Kasuga-cho in December 2014.

Our shop is worked by many lady-staffers, so that our female patrons don’t have to feel bad eating alone. ♪


Two standard tables and two tatami tables with 4 seats each, and a bar counter with 5 seats.


Our frequent customers simply order “”the usual””, and we know to prepare a meal specific to his or her liking.

“”These thin, wavy-style noodles are such a rare sight!”” is a frequent comment by visitors coming from Sapporo or even as far as Tokyo or Osaka. Other patrons come every New Year’s Eve for the custom of eating noodles for the New Year, enjoying the traditional taste of ramen.


“The food is delicious! The service is fast! The place is bright and energetic!””

Visit and you will feel refreshed, as many have commented.

The shop is bright and friendly. “”I’ve never seen such caring staff!”” was a comment from one customer.

When I visited for the purpose of writing an article, I could see staff conversing with customers, filling the air with laughter.

Fans of Natsubori say they like how it feels just like being at home.

Perhaps it’s the feeling of being able to have a good chat over a ramen meal that adds another layer of enjoyment while on the road away from home.



Natsubori can be reached on foot just 20 minutes away from JR Kushiro station. There is also an airport bus stop just 3 minutes away from the restaurant. Being in an easy-to-reach location, please consider adding it to your itinerary.


<From Kushiro Airport>
– Board the Kushiro Airport Limousine Bus bound for “”Fisherman’s Wharf MOO””
– 11 stops later (about 40 minutes), get off at “”Sankyo-dori”” (¥890)
<Travelling by Doto Expressway>
– About 27 km from the Akan IC, approximately 35 minutes by car.
<From JR Kushiro Station>
– About 20 minutes on foot.

Ramen Shop “”Natsubori””


Hokkaido, Kushiro, Kasuga-cho 4-3
lunch 11:00〜15:00 (orders accepted until 14:45)
dinner 17:00〜20:00 (orders accepted until 19:45)
※ Open only for lunch on Tuesdays
Closed on Wednesdays (If a holiday falls on Wednesday, also closed the next day)
Telephone: 0154-35-3812 (Japanese only)

※The original Japanese article is available on the website “”Girls’ East Hokkaido Travels Project [Rebirth]