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Okhotsk Shiretoko Food Trail

Okhotsk Shiretoko Food Trail

Okhotsk Shiretoko Food Trail

The Okhotsk area is surrounded by mountains and blessed with an abundance of fresh seafood from the Okhotsk Sea. Also, this area has less annual rainfall, so the clear weather helps to promote good quality crops.

On the Okhotsk Shiretoko Food Trail, visitors can enjoy food from both the ocean and land.

Highlight Spot 1: Shiretoko to the Abashiri Coast


After the drift ice passes, the Okhotsk Sea brings the fresh spring seafood, especially the famous hairy crab. Sea life are nourished from the rich nutrients in the drift ice and are very delicious during this season.

The Shiretoko-Utoro area is one of the biggest production sites of autumn salmon.

Visitors to this area can enjoy the beautiful mountain views and enjoy the fresh seafood from the Okhotsk Sea.

Highlight Spot 2: Saroma to the Monbetsu Coast


Lake Saroma is the biggest lake in Hokkaido. Fresh scallops and oysters from the nearby sea are especially delicious. The scallops are available all year, except during the drift ice season, so visitors can always enjoy the fresh harvests. During the cool autumn and winter months is the best season for oysters in Saroma.

Another town famous for the drift ice is Monbetsu, where visitors can enjoy a variety of seafood, such as hairy crab and scallops.

Highlight Spot 3: The Okhotsk Inland Area


The Okhotsk area is well known for its abundant seafood, but also yields a lot of crops because of the light rainfall and many hours of life-giving sunlight each day. Around the Shiretoko Shari area, potatoes are a famous staple. Potatoes are used in a variety of local dishes, as well as potato shochu liquor, which was first made in Japan.

Kitami city is Japan’s top producer of onions. Visitors can try the local specialty, Okhotsk Kitami Fried Noodles, which uses the local onions and fresh scallops from the Okhotsk Sea.