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Northern Pacific Shiretoko Food Trail

Northern Pacific Shiretoko Food Trail

Northern Pacific Shiretoko Food Trail

The Kushiro area is located in eastern Hokkaido, facing the Pacific Ocean and the Straits of Nemuro. If you want to try a variety of fresh seafood, let us recommend the Northern Pacific Shiretoko Food Trail. You can enjoy many fresh seafood dishes, such as saury, oysters, scallops, sea urchin, and crab at reasonable prices.

Highlight Spot 1: The Kushiro Area


Kushiro used to be the largest fishing city in Japan. One popular way of grilling seafood is Robatayaki, a Japanese style of barbecue using charcoal fire. It was started in Kushiro, where you can try many different kinds of seafood all in one place. Kushiro brand spring salmon and smelt in the fall are especially delicious. And at the famous Washo Market, you can find the famous Katte Don, a rice bowl where you can choose your own fresh seafood to put on top.

Highlight Spot 2: The Akkeshi and Nemuro Area


釧About 1 hour towards the east from Kushiro, Akkeshi is one of the main production places of oysters in Japan. The oyster brand, Kakiemon, is shipped all across Japan year-round and can also be eaten raw.

Nemuro is the easternmost city of Hokkaido and famous for the fresh saury and luxurious crabs. The fatty saury caught locally is especially popular here.

Highlight Spot 3: The Bekkai, Shibetsu, and Rausu Area


This area is located along the Strait of Nemuro. Bekkai town is known for its dairy farms, as well as their especially large scallops and shrimp, nicknamed “Jewels of the Sea”.

Shibetsu town is north of Bekkai. Its main food production is fresh salmon and salmon roe.

Rausu town is part of the World Natural Heritage Site at Shiretoko and is famous for its top-grade tangle seaweed called Rausu Tangle, as well as its delicious Elegant Sea Urchins that are rich in nutrients.

This area is a seafood lover’s paradise.