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Garden Path Food Trail

Garden Path Food Trail

Garden Path Food Trail

The Hokkaido Garden Path connects 8 famous gardens around the center of Hokkaido. You can enjoy beautiful gardens and special foods here unique to Hokkaido.

The Garden Path Food Trail allows visitors to experience the beautiful gardens and eat at the café and restaurant inside the garden.

Each place has its own local food, such as sweets, cheeses, and wine.

We recommend you to enjoy both the scenic sights and cuisines on your trip here. That is the true pleasure of Hokkaido.

Highlight Spot 1: Kamikawa and Asahikawa


Kamikawa town is located at the foot of Mt. Daisetsu. The town is also the north starting point of the Garden Path Food Trail. The Fratello Di Mikuni restaurant, which is in the Daisetsu Mori No Garden, uses local ingredients in its original cuisine dishes. This is a highly recommended and popular destination.

Asahikawa is the central city of Northern Hokkaido. It is famous for its delicious ramen and izakayas (Japanese pubs), especially during the evenings.

Highlight Spot 2: Furano and Biei


Furano and Biei are in the center of the Garden Path Food Trail. They are famous tourist places with a variety of attractive foods. Furano brand wine, cheeses, and sweets, as well as the popular specialty, Furano Omu Curry, are locally-produced and locally-consumed. Biei is located on top of a hill, where cafés and restaurants also a nice view of the scenery.

Highlight Spot 3: The Tokachi Area


Tokachi is the southern starting point of the Garden Path Food Trail. Each area in Tokachi offers many delicious foods that can be enjoyed in the garden. The Restaurant Viz is the main restaurant of the Tokachi hills. Shichiku Garden is popular for its heartwarming breakfast buffet. And the Rokka No Mori is run by the world famous confection maker, Rokkatei. Both your eyes and taste buds can enjoy all the splendors that Tokachi has to offer.