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Tokachi Food & Drink Trail

Tokachi Food & Drink Trail

Tokachi Food & Drink Trail

The Tokachi area of Eastern Hokkaido spreads far and wide. The Tokachi plains bring a variety of agricultural products such as potatoes and peas. Fresh Pacific salmon and smelt are a staple in this region, as well as the famous Tokachi beef and dairy farms.

Tokachi wine has a long history.

You can enjoy various styles of Tokachi meals, from simple country dishes to high-class cuisines.

This is what makes the Tokachi Food and Drink Trail so attractive.

Highlight Spot 1: A Collection of Tokachi Food in Obihiro


If you want to make the most out of your time to enjoy Tokachi food, Obihiro is the place to be. Many Italian, French, and fusion restaurants here use Tokachi ingredients. You can also try the famous Buta Donburi (pork rice bowl), Tokachi ajillo, and the popular local Chinese stir fried rice.

Obihiro is also famous for its sweets, such as Rokkatei and Ryugetsu.

Your taste buds will surely thank you for the fresh Tokachi flavors.

Highlight Spot 2: The Tokachi Plain is Dotted with Delicious Food Spots


Each region around the Tokachi Plain has their own attractive foods. One such example of a local popular food is the Tokachi Shimizu Beef Steak Donburi.

In addition, there are buffet restaurants that use many local fresh vegetables in their dishes.

The Farm Picnic, where you can enjoy harvesting and eating fresh vegetables, is also popular.

Highlight Spot 3: The Ikeda Wine Castle is the Center of Tokachi Wine


Because of financial hardships after a natural disaster about 60 years ago, Tokachi started developing its own wine to help lift the burden. Today, Tokachi is a famous wine producing region in all of Japan. The Ikeda Wine Castle looks like an old European-style castle. They have a delicious restaurant and guided tours for visits to see the chamber rooms and manufacturing process.