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Seafood Donburi (Rice Bowl)

Seafood Donburi is a unique way to enjoy the fresh seafood directly from the ocean. Shiranuka, Kushiro, Akkeshi, and Hamanaka cities each have their own original styles of the popular rice bowl dish for visitors to enjoy.

The Culture of Japanese Style Barbecue Robatayaki

There is more than one way to enjoy fresh seafood in Kushiro. Robatayaki, Japanese style barbecued skewers, originated from Kushiro city and has become one of the most famous culture food in the area. Paired with fresh seafood like Kushiro smelt and salmon, Robatayaki’s savory flavors are brought out. Visitors should keep in mind to enjoy this unique combination.

Locally Brewed Sake (Rice Wine) and Sake Sweets

Fukutsukasa brewery started in 1919 in Kushiro. Their local sake has 4 flavors: sweet, dry, light, and mellow. Fukutsukasa sake is a popular drink to accompany the grand variety of fresh local seafood.

Recently, luxury adult sweets made from Fukutsukasa have become popular, including sake cake, creme brulee “Horoyoi Pudding”, and yogurt sake.