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Bringing out the best in the ingredients. The restaurant with an atmosphere of earth and nature

Bringing out the best in the ingredients. The restaurant with an atmosphere of earth and nature



The Tokachi area in Hokkaido is known for a rich repository of ingredients, like fresh vegetables, dairy products, meat, and fish. TokachiNouen is really popular for tourists as well as local customers. The restaurant is committed to unlocking and enhancing the flavors of the ingredients used in their dishes.


Based on Italian cuisine, their concept is to “bring nature and earth to the table”. The executive chef employs all the techniques available to bring the best out of all the ingredients.


Rich flour pizza and fresh pasta gnocchi using 100% Tokachi flour.

Many different kinds of pizza use Tokachi flour blended together with flour cultivated by the local Obihiro Agricultural High School.

Potato gnocchi with gorgonzola cream sauce. It is smooth with a rich taste.

Local dish TokachiAjillo uses garlic, rapeseed oil, and mushrooms, all produced in Tokachi.

Flaky and sweetened edible lily bulbs are irresistible!

 Juicy Tokachibeef and Hokkaido venison.

Seared Tokachi beef with special soy sauce.

Don’t miss the seafood fresh from the coastal waters.

There is a wide selection of pancakes and other sweets.

Apple with caramel catalana comes with vanilla ice cream. It is delicious and big enough to share.

We cannot forget that good food is always paired with good drinks. They have a long list of wine, including many prominent bottles produced in Tokachi.


The building used to be a beer hall. Today, the restaurant has a nice atmosphere and ample space to comfortably seat about 100 guests. Large groups are welcome, but please make reservations in advanced (lunch time is open for large groups only, so please call for more information).


It is a good restaurant to visit, especially for those with a curious mind. While visiting Obihiro, why not make this restaurant part of your itinerary? (Please call before coming to check availability).