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Making your own exquisite Rausu gourmet meals! Experience opening sea urchins during the lunch tour!

Making your own exquisite Rausu gourmet meals! Experience opening sea urchins during the lunch tour!



Winter luxury food in Rausu: Short-spined sea urchin

Rausu-cho, Shiretoko is in the eastern most part of Hokkaido. You can see Kunashiri Island on the opposite shore. Rausu is a famous port town and known for a variety of luxury foods, such as Rausukonbu (kelp).


In February and March, drift ice appears off the Nemuro Straight off the coast of Rausu. This season is the most popular for delicious short-spined sea urchin. Hand-spined sea urchin is well known, but short-spined sea urchin is more orange in color, with a rich and sweet taste.


When people want to eat sea urchin, they usually go to a restaurant and order a sea urchin rice bowl or sushi. But in Rausu, you can try to open fresh sea urchins by yourself! Let us introduce the unique tour “Opening Sea Urchins and Seafood Lunch”!

Opening Sea Urchins and Seafood Lunch!


The tour is held between February and June, the only time for sea urchin fishing in Rausu. This season is also very popular because drift ice far from Siberia brings an abundance of nutrients to the Rausu area. That is why sea urchins are so delicious during this time.

Maruuo Hamada Shoten sells fresh Rausu seafood and organizes these tours. Don’t forget to put on your mask, apron, and plastic gloves here.


A staff member teaches visitors how to pick up and open fresh sea urchin from the fish tank.


Opening sea urchins by yourself, you can see the delicious looking roe with a reddish tinge.


Their lunch is not just sea urchins. There are more seafood choices like scallops too. Each visitor makes their own rice bowl of sea urchin and seafood, which can be enjoyed freshly made! This is truly a rare experience.


This tour, arranged by ShiretokoRausuLincle, introduces Mother Nature and the special fishery scene of Rausu. They also organize another food tour called “Going with a Port Guide to the Delicious Fish Market”, where visitors can see the local fish auction as well as the Rausu kelp storage. And of course, you can taste and compare all the seafood delicacies in Rausu too.


How about coming to Rausu to experience the wide variety of luxury food?