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  • Tokachi, Obihiro and Shikaribetsu Area

    Visit unique gardens and taste the delicious food of Tokachi!

    The Tokachi area, with Obihiro in the center, is comprised of the largest, and most spacious pastures and countryside in Hokkaido. Acting as the food base for Hokkaido, Tokachi is one of the largest growers of vegetables and producers of dairy. There are also many popular sweets made from Tokachi-grown ingredients that make great souvenirs.
    Recommended sights in this area include touring the beautiful Hokkaido Garden Road. Here you'll find the Manabe Flower Garden, Shichiku Gardens, Rokka-no-Mori, Tokachi Millennium Forest, and Tokachi Hills. Also, there is Banei Racecourse, where you can watch large race-horses powerfully pulling heavy steel sleds.
    For those looking to improve their skin, there’s the Tokachigawa Hot Spring. This “beauty bath” is famous for its organic moor hot spring. There’s also Shikaribetsu Hot Springs, which sits at an elevation of 810 meters. This “outdoor bath on ice” is available only during the winter.
    Tokachi has a rich food culture and features the delicious “butadon,” which originated in Obihiro. Here, you'll also find “Kitano Yatai,” or “food stalls of the north”, which is a street of vendors offering a wide variety of delicious local dishes.