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  • Summer in Eastern Hokkaido

    Experience the exciting pulse of nature with all five senses.

    Summers in Eastern Hokkaido are short, leaving nature little time to make its impact. The clear blue skies serve as a backdrop to the vivid colors and sweet scent of lilies, lavender, lupins, and sunflowers.

    Nature is most active during summer, and you’ll want to experience it with all five senses. One of the best ways to do this is through the many activities available. Popular with tourists include, deep forest trekking with knowledgeable nature guides, and canoeing through the Kushiro Wetlands down the Kushiro River. You can even see local wildlife including, Yezo sika deer, great spotted woodpeckers, and Steller’s sea eagles. Summer is the long-awaited season for anglers as well, when lure fishing and fly fishing on Akan River and Onbetsu River is open to the public. If you go to Tokachi, you can also enjoy a hot air balloon ride! Driving around Eastern Hokkaido is also a great way to see its magnificent natural landscape. Traveling on the long, almost never-ending, Hokkaido roads give a sense that you are on an infinite journey. Although Bihoro Pass and Mokoto Pass offer great viewpoints of Lake Kussharo, the most notable is perhaps the Tsubetsu Pass. At its peak of 947 meters, you can view the beautiful sea of clouds below. On early mornings, with Mt. Mashu, Mt. Shari and the Shiretoko Mountain Range in its backdrop, these clouds are elegantly highlighted with glowing red. Although early mornings can be difficult for most, you’ll find yourself wide-awake and staring in awe at this impressive view.