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    Autumn leaves dyed red, Relaxing in a hot spring.

    When it comes to autumn travel, autumn leaves and hot springs are considered as one for many Japanese people.
    From north to south, Japan is long and narrow, and the arrival of red autumn leaves begin earliest on the highest peak of Mount Asahi in the Daisetsuzan Mountain range which is at the highest latitude and altitude.
    The summit changes color with the arrival of September, gradually turning red as they go down to the foot of the mountain becoming more sensational with an overwhelming scale, the whole form of the mountain changes.
    Spreading out from the base of Sounkyo and Tenninkyo are also famous places for beautiful red autumn leaves.
    Furthermore, the autumn leaves in the forests surrounding lake Akan, lake Mashu and lake Kusharo are also beautiful, the raw beauty of the autumn leaves on the Shiretoko mountain range is even more accentuated.
    In short, nature rich eastern Hokkaido in its entirety is the spot for viewing autumn leaves.