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    In the mountains of Eastern Hokkaido, there is a special feeling from the fresh air compared to in the city. You can feel the fallen leaves on the ground as well as hear the rustling leaves overhead. There is a gentle realization of the vitality and life here. The sun nurtures the delicate ecosystem between the trees, wild vegetables, and forest animals. Fresh-water fish live in the clear streams fed with nutrients from the mountain. The circle of life is an unending cycle here.
    In Eastern Hokkaido, there are several prominent mountains, namely Mt. Taisetsuzan, Mt. Tokachidake, and Mt. Ishikaridake, as well as Sharidake associated rivers like the Tokachi and the Kushiro Rivers. They still hold a lot of mystery because it is relatively untouched by humans. During the spring to early summer, wild vegetables sprout in the mountains. The seasonal ones are especially tasty and often enjoyed as tempura (deep fried) dishes. In the fall, mountain mushrooms add color for miso soup.

    If you would like to have a nature trail experience, you should try mountain stream fishing. It does not matter if you go with a guide and rent equipment or not. The most important thing is to go there and come in touch with the life of nature. Catching and grilling your own trout only adds to the special experience.
    About 470,000 sika deer inhabit the northern main island of Hokkaido. They are destructive to farmers’ crops, however, they also serve as quality meat because of the surrounding magnificence of nature. Expert chefs of wild game from around the world have also expressed high regards. Sika deer that are prepared correctly by a skilled hunter produces a light taste with no smells. The meat is a favorite of many women because it is low calorie and contains plenty of iron, amino acids, and essential minerals.