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    Bales of dried grass are compressed into cylindrical shapes called “Roll Bales”. It may be a rare object to see for the first time, but it is a really important resource for cattle to survive in the winter. Roll Bales dotting the fields are also a superb view for tourists in Hokkaido from early summer to autumn. The high quality grass which is grown on the vast plains in the cool weather can support about 400,000 beef cattle and 720,000 dairy cattle in Eastern Hokkaido. Each blade of grass is very small, but is the necessary ingredient to produce top grade beef, milk, cheeses, butter, and ice cream for all across Japan. One key phrase for this cycle is “locally-grown and locally-consumed”.
    There are over 30 different kinds of beef produced and only local restaurants know the best way to cook each one. Chefs have to know how to prepare and cook steaks, hamburger patties, shabu-shabu and grilled beef to maximize flavor and texture. It is nice to stay in a hotel that has restaurants that take pride in their beef dishes.

    Eastern Hokkaido holds the majority of Japan’s market share in terms of producing dairy products. This includes butter which is necessary for cooking, flavorful and nutritious natural cheeses, powdered and skim milk for sweets and bread, and fresh cream for making butter and ice cream. You can taste the difference in the rich milk, soft-served ice cream, and natural cheeses directly from the Eastern Hokkaido farmers.
    Visitors to a guest ranch can also feel more closely acquainted with the dairy cattle, especially during milking and making fresh butter.